Toshiba G450

Toshiba G450

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  • Sohaib

As per the features, you can use it for an SMS as well..How on earth will you be able to type with this bizzare thing?? I mean what on earth were they thinking? Just try typing "Hey there" even...I believe they use it in the interrogation cells..they give you an essay of some 500 words and then they give you this cell and ask you to type the whole damn will surely spill out every nitty gritty crime you have ever committed, might even accept the one's you haven't :p I believe Star Trek guys can use it to open and close all those multiple doors on their ships :p

  • boy-uhog

are you sure this is a fone? not an mp3 player? or a remote control? or even a shaver? looks like a contact lense case...

  • Anonymous

Nice little phone. Working great, battery life 1,5 days on 30 min talking. After you get used with the keyboard and menu is very easy to use. Music player is quite loud for his size. No problems for dialing or answering, hearing volume is high. MP3 can be setup as ring tone, charging fast. I use it as modem on win and mac no problems on both. When is usb connected is charging, on modem mode is running empty in 6-7 hours even if is charging. I keep this phone as a spare one and is better than usb 3G modems. Due to his size, shape, functionality and actual price, G450 is actually more than a regular phone. People around you will notice this nice gadget.

  • Medard Chilebela

I bought this yesterday,just wanted to find out how to sett this phone to the internet or if there is a software needed. (zambia)

  • Samsung 4 Life

is this a Xpress Music for toshiba... he! he! he! it looks funny and it looks like my remote control for my aircondition and Mike maybe this device is for Batman maybe it gets lost and toshiba found it and made it a phone he! he! he! joke only...

  • Samsung 4 Life

what is this a remote control for aircinditioner? he he he

  • Anonymous

Jolly Good Phone 10 out of 10

  • mike

looks like something batman would use "the bat-dialler" ha ha ha "alfred i need a pizza, FAST!"

  • daimos

looks like you have a mobile phone and a watch at the same time

  • Anonymous

I bet Toshiba thought they were really cool when they made this... thing.. LOL :p

  • Anonymous

This phone looks like a sona belt or looks like a car panel...

  • Maxliz

what kind of a funny looking phone is this??????????

  • Darkmeteor

What!!!??? How???!!! What is this!!!???
The design gives me a headache...

  • jdf

what!? haha it's funny.

  • Anonymous

it just look like alien to me! hahahaha..what kind of hp is this..

  • Anonymous

Pike User, 15 May 2009i think this phone is similar to B.Mobile Pike Modem Phone, isn'... moreyeah i can use dst also., m so proud, haha

  • melnibone

i think i saw this phone......oh yes i saw it in Kiron.....!!!!!lol

  • BOB

kiren, the toshiba g450 is too small for you, rather use the e90 or a notebook.

  • Steve

Kiron, 30 Nov 2009Great thing. I am gonna use it as a vibrator while connected to ... moreKiron, i think i love u...

  • Kiron

Great thing. I am gonna use it as a vibrator while connected to internet and playing mp3. That way I will be having a radiation emitting, music playing vibrator, all in the same device.