Toshiba G910 / G920

Toshiba G910 / G920

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  • AnonD-751523

GSMArena team, 11 Mar 2011Anyone still using any of these?I actually just dug mine out of my drawers full of old mobile devices. Kinda works. Can't say I didn't miss Windows Mobile but it feels really legacy compared to Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile.

  • AnonD-684508

The HTC Shift and Toshiba G910/G920 come together...

  • ganu

i love this handset Toshiba G910 / G920 .......................................

  • Pandu

Wow...really nice piece & user friendly... Try once and find out

  • AnjAli

I want to buy Toshiba protege and email me with store details .iam in USA now
Thank u

  • jimmi

i've one of this ,i buy it because it's look ,i loved it .but it's only a pretty phone ,i only use it 2 months and then what !! it's stop working suddenly and no one can repair it in my country ,i asked for help in internet and the answer was returning it to a toshiba center to taking a new one (for raplace) ,,all the phones of this model has the same problem

  • Anonymous

GSMArena team, 11 Mar 2011Anyone still using any of these?Yes! Still rocking the little device!


Anonymous, 08 Feb 2013Shame Toshiba has stopped updating the firmware on the devi... moreowsome mobile

  • irwin0301

is this the first smartphone with BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SCANNER? someone pls... pretty sure not from Iphone.

  • nyer

i wonder if they do like an update for this. same looks, make it a bit thinner though. better battery, screen resolution and size. I miss this kinds of phone. every phone now looks he same.

  • abdul athiq


  • Anonymous

Shame Toshiba has stopped updating the firmware on the device, at least mine still works and surfs the internet just as well as it should. It's still useful to me.

  • AnonD-79803

can some one tell me do we have the phone in Australia please reply please??

  • Ravi

nice one ......having alots ogf feature ..wth complet package

  • Anonymous

Toshiba does'nt make mobile phones any more if Im not mistaken. I had purchased this mobile in 2009 from expansys and within 1 year stopped working and with it lost all the data. Toshiba wanted me to send this mobile from uae to uk for repairs at my cost. it was a nice looking phone but not practical to use.

  • kenneth

can some one tell me do we have the phone in south africa please reply please??

  • AnonD-35212

any one have a manual or directions to find one

  • ramprabhu

neha, 02 Aug 2011 very nice pichai it very nice mobile

  • Marsi

i had a Toshiba G910 but i didn't even know how to unlock my phone. so how is it?

  • joy

battery jus sucks :-p