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  • gordesky1

cant expect much from it now adays cause it did come out in 2011 lol but i will say its the best made rugged tablet even today. mine still works.

techcurio, 01 Apr 2016Can you please tell me how to insert sim card into toshiba thriv... moreUse the slot

This tablet is fantastic for the average person who is needing a great tab for browsing. I sell mine at$59 but you can get it cheaper than what I have now is the time to get a good tablet and Toshiba laptop is best I've ever seen

There's nothing good at all to say about this tablet.

  • AnonD-629566

Do you know if this tablet can run an app called "TheBlaze" with reasonable response time? I know an elderly woman who just wants it to watch video and I have one that doesn't have a power cable. I don't want to buy the power cable for her if it's too slow to be useful.

  • Anonymous

Does it support full size as card???

  • techcurio

Can you please tell me how to insert sim card into toshiba thrive AT105-T106?

  • AnonD-457551

Hey! Data missing. I own one. Exact model: AT105-108/AT105-1016/AT105-1032... Video recording: 720p. Last Android Update: v4.0.4 (ICS)

  • hroshanratnam

Prash, 29 Oct 2014Does the Toshiba Regza AT 300 tab supports viber??Yes. It supports

  • Thrive user

1. Its batery is removable
2. It has full sized usb port and mini usb port

Thought that description needed fix :)

  • Anonymous

got mine christmas 2011. I dont use it much these days because most of the apps crash, yahoo mostly but also many games wont perform once downloaded (flashing and crashing or goes straight to black after some use) is anyone else having similar problems?
I called Toshiba since my tablet is out of warranty I had to pay for help. I was leary but worth a shot. They charged $39.95 to do a system reset!! thats it! no trouble shooting, no real tech support for $40!!

  • Prash

Does the Toshiba Regza AT 300 tab supports viber??

  • angel!*!*

How do i call on my tabletplease help me

  • Anonymous

I can not get the sim place •How can I get it??????????

  • king j

AnonD-212234, 04 Dec 2013I have had no problems with my thrive at all. Only thing I can a... moreSame here.. its annoying when some tablets don't have the right version to get certain apps or can't do certain actions. I have had mine the same amount as you

  • boss

Sausten, 11 Nov 2012I love this tablet but am wondering if anyone else has had the p... moreit does evidently dont pass the toshiba sign

  • murali

Great tab... I have virtually forgotten my lap top.. With the USB I access all my data thru an external hard disk.. Two years + and still going strong. I only wish Toshiba enables Android upgrade...

  • AnonD-212234

I have had no problems with my thrive at all. Only thing I can ask for is update from ICS to jellybean 4.2 or the new KitKat 4.4 have had this tablet for two years this Xmas.

  • AndroidDude2013

The tablet is my main device. I can use it as a laptop with a Bluetooth keyboard case.

the 1Ghz processor is great , doesn't lag hardly ever.

also , GSMarena the device can be officially updated
up to Android 4.0 not 3.2.

there is a USB port that is fully functional
for Keyboard/Mouse and can charge phones too.

Never had a problem. My screen is cracked
but the touchscreen still works great!

Even though the tablet is from 2011
it is well-spec'd and great.

  • AnonD-136488

I have owned the Thrive tablet since Oct. 2011. This machine has virtually replaced my laptop. If the speakers are the WORST complaint about this product, I would have to say that Toshiba hit a home run in android power and performance. Thrive can do anything that Apple can do, for less money. Sure I had to wait for the ICS update, but it did not interfere with MY LIFE. Listening and reading all of the complaints about media in general makes me feel I'll. We need to be more thankful and in awe of what we HAVE not what we think we are OWED in life. I grew up in the 60's man and this Internet stuff is rockin' so shut up hater's and start thinking and talking positive. Have faith in imagination and be grateful you can read this post! Aloha. Crystal