Toshiba Thrive 7

Toshiba Thrive 7

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tushibe, 02 Apr 2015does it support calls? and is it wifi only?No and then yes.

  • tushibe

does it support calls? and is it wifi only?

  • Anonymous

Plz can any one tell me calling function is not there in toshiba tablet ??

  • nick

charges in 2 hours, can't see pixels with 216 ppi. Very good teblet

  • awesome

upgrades to 4.04, easily done, just go to settings, about tablet, system updates, check for updates.

  • john

asking about S/W upgrade, available ?

  • lamb

Had the 10", loved it, left it on a bus. 7" perfect size, great screen, love the back, robust, I'm happy to just put a screen protector on it and use it without a case, much more functional. Great little tab.

  • vivo

plz i wanna ask can i use all the Microsoft office in this

  • mohamed elgohary

hello all
i just bought this device two days ago and i surprised with all these featued resolution is awsoune and battery is nice and price is nice and its Toshipa Toshipa is great but its not wellknown its great for who look for battery and strong case

  • ayah keizia

i have this one and i realy like this product.. performance must be 8.8.. features 8.9

  • ash

Don't Judge a Book(tab) by Its Cover. The screen has high resolution, performance is flawless ( I use opera mini ). love this tab

  • Mike

Its a Tablet... not a Phone...


oh yeah, really really i love this phone soooi much. i think it is good for people to buy one for them

  • AnonD-25550

Looks like nice specs for those like me that want a smaller tablet to carry around that's WiFi only. I'll be following this tablet till its release. I hope it gets some Ice Cream.

  • Alip900

Now i wounder if i should get this as my tab or a galaxy note :x

  • Anonymous

So what?!

  • sava