Touchscreen is chic with the bunch of leaked new LG phones

16 Feb, 2009

With only several hours remaining to the start of MWC 2009 the leaks continue pouring in. This time it's LG turn with photos of several of their yet unannounced phones appearing online.

LG leaked phones

So here they go from left to right (that shot up there is clickable):

  • LG GM730 (WinMo with S-class flavor)
  • LG KM900 Arena
  • LG GM730 (again, only 11.9mm thick)
  • LG GD900 (transparent keyboard, are they kidding?)
  • LG GC900 (8 megapixel cameraphone)

From what we see there are at least three new handsets awaiting us (plus the LG KM900 Arena, which is already announced).

You can easily spot that two of the handsets run on the newly announced S class UI, while the third is using Windows Mobile Professional OS. However it also has a plug-in simulating a UI very similar to the S class.

All of the new handsets sport touchscreens. Quite interestingly the fourth handset from left to right either has a transparent keypad or we've had too much sangria.

Update: No, it's definitely not us. The slider LG GD900 is confirmed as the world's first phone with transparent keypad.

LG leaked phones

Tomorrow the full specifications of the devices will be officially announced.