TSMC takes Apple's whole 5G modem order for iPhone 14

Ro, 22 February 2022

A new report emerged from a Chinese media outlet saying that TSMC is ready to take all of Apple's 5G modem orders for its upcoming iPhone 14 series. This information contradicts an earlier report suggesting that TSMC will take only a portion of the orders.

TSMC takes Apple's whole 5G modem order for iPhone 14

The 5G modem is rumored to be based on TSMC's 6nm node, which is a significant improvement over the Qualcomm modems used in today's iPhones. This should result in reduced power consumption.

There's also an inside intel about a power management chip being developed by Apple designed to optimize the modem. Other optimizations regarding the mmWave and radio frequency are also expected.

Source (in Chinese)


Reader comments

Do you know how to read - a chinese media outlet was covering this story.

  • Anonymous
  • 24 Feb 2022
  • StU

TSMC isn't Chinese

Well we’ve got to take all this with healthy dose of scepticism, the article isn’t clear who said what exactly. Could be TSMC looking to big up up their fancy new fabrication process, or some journalists trying to sound impactful. My original po...

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