Twitter for iOS revives the reverse-chronological feed

Vlad, 18 December 2018

Today Twitter made a lot of people happy by announcing that its iOS app has revived a long-lost feature: the reverse-chronological feed. It's not enabled by default, but that's a small price to pay in order to bring the service back to what it used to be before algorithms took over every social network out there.

You'll see the toggle in the top right of the app. It's a cluster of small stars that Twitter calls the "sparkle". Tap on it and then you'll get the option to switch to seeing the reverse-chronologically sorted feed and be done with the algorithm.

Apparently Twitter found that users who had access to the easy toggle in tests ended up participating in more conversations than average, so that's the reason for the relaunch of this once staple feature.

This should roll out to platforms other than iOS in the coming weeks. Your move, Instagram.



Reader comments

  • alex

If by reverse-chronological you mean usual chronological order with latest at the top, then it was in the app/web for years. Only quick access button was added. I got quick switch button months before, but it has disappeared on me. Well, I've alwa...

yeah ... bla bla bla .. android already got that 10 years ago ... bla bla bla apple always late ... bla bla bla apple greedy ....

Another reason why Google needs to release Fuschia OS ASAP. You see, it's already getting tiring seeing news like this. "Blah blah announces driving mode on blah blah blah, iOS gets it first but soon to come on Android." How about "Blah blah...

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