Two of the big four US carriers confirm plans to sell Gear S2

Himanshu, 01 September, 2015

When Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated Gear S2 smartwatch yesterday, there was no word on the pricing and availability of the device. However, two of the the big four US carriers have confirmed their plans to carry the wearable.

Verizon announced on Twitter that it will offering both Bluetooth (which should be the Wi-Fi only variant) and 3G connected models. The carrier, however, said that the pricing and availability details will be revealed later.

Similarly, T-Mobile also took to Twitter to announce that it will start selling the wearable device this fall. However, there was no word on which models it would offer, as well as the pricing details.

A report from SamMobile claims that all four major US carriers will carry the smartwatch in the near future. Expect more information on the device's pricing and availability at IFA this week.

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Reader comments

  • Meladyx

They detailed battery sizes in the launch post of the Gear S2. As they laid out, the 300mAh battery is only for the SIM variant, and will provide similar battery life to the Bluetooth variant with the smaller capacity.

  • out of eggz

if this was about say Xiaomi, maybe it would be a surprise... but seriously, who would have doubts about a Samsung device's availability? =)) of course they'll all sell it

  • Anonymous

Why they show the Gear S2 Classic(which is exceptionally ugly) only? The editor is an obvious anti-fan of Samsung. Didn't even mention the bigger 300mah battery that it have. No specs reveal? This is written half-heartedly.

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