New brown color for Samsung Galaxy S6 outed in UK

12 March, 2015

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 duo in three common colors, plus a unique color for each. Now, however, we learn that the Samsung Galaxy S6 might be getting a second unique color option, at least in the UK. It's not quite official yet, but a Brown color may soon join the current Gold Platinum option.

Samsung UK's web site lists the Galaxy S6 in five colors, instead of the official four. The fifth option cannot be clicked and disappears if you navigate away from the specific page in the source link. There isnít even an image of the device in Brown.

So, publishing the Brown color option was certainly a mistake. Its existence might be for real though. There's no trace of it on other local Samsung sites, suggesting it may be a UK carrier exclusive. The Galaxy S6 edge does not have a fifth color either, at least not yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and its S6 edge sibling are already on pre-order in the UK starting at £550.

Source | Via