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Ulefone Armor 7E

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  • Boris

Do not buy this product. It is not waterproof, after 10months of use phone battery barely go thru day. Start to shut off and overheat for no reason. Asked for warranty since is 1 year, they told me that phone is not covered if phone itself was under liquid, in my case fell under water for 5-10 seconds.

bought this armour 7E nearly a year ago, love it! the wireless charging is nice but. camera not bad either, selfie cam makes your face oddly shaped but what one doesn't? fast, great battery life. games ok, can play runescape mobile on it. bit heavy but I'm super clumsy and this poor thing would have broken by now if it wasn't so durable! I shower with it, dropped atleast 20 times onto cement, tile, rocks. it puts up with abuse :) I've tried tuff cases and screen protectors they have nothing on this. I also have a armour 9 (I like 7E better) have owned 6s (lost it in a breakup, miss it but not much different) and two x series (unless you want a low budget non gaming beater don't go with x series) love my 7E glad I got it!

PsyKling Sir John, 08 Dec 2020Sympathise with Alexcamal, as I bought an Ulefone Armor X8 ... moremixed up my replies lmao! it will say wifi calling on the bottom of the pull down by the settings gear where your carrier name is ie mine says t-mobile wifi calling (despite being usmobile lol) but if you go into settings and either go to mobile network>advanced settings and it will be in the middle, or search settings for wifi calling. mine says vowifi but read same as yours till I set it up to use wifi automatically if available. but I've got dsl through a cable modem not a 4g source.

oddly I get wifi calling. it's under mobile network advanced settings and it's there in the middle. I'm on usmobile and haven't used the sim chip in anything except my armour 7E. my son has an armour 9 and it's also on usmobile it gets/uses wifi calling. I'm in the middle of nowhere montana and average 1-2 bars on a good day, lots of time there is no cell signal at all for days on end yet with the wifi calling I can make and receive calls no problems :) now with no sim installed I've noticed it won't do much of anything and no way to use wifi calling. could have come with one of the system updates though as when I first got the phone mid 2020 before any system updates I didn't recall seeing wifi calling but I could have missed it. so if it's still not working or isn't there in settings and you still have the phone update your phone and it should work :)

  • Anonymous

Doonski, 08 Jan 2021I need help driving my Armor 7E. I moved over from an iPhon... more#1 congratulations on your dmax, what model is it?. #2 go into settings, then search for android auto, then turn on the dmax and select connect phone, I think 🤔 that’s right, beyond that you should be able to figure it out

I need help driving my Armor 7E. I moved over from an iPhone in Sept 2020. I'm still trying to learn all the functions. Most critical is the connection process to my 2021 Isuzu DMax. Any information???

  • PsyKling Sir John

Alecamal, 16 Aug 2020I thought I had done my homework when I asked if the Armor ... moreSympathise with Alexcamal, as I bought an Ulefone Armor X8 specifically to get WiFi calling and can't find it. However, phone is so much more sensitive that I can make/receive calls where I previously thought there was no signal available in my home. Or is this happening automatically over WiFi when VoLTE is showing? My WiFi comes from a 4G (LTE) router fed by an aerial on the chimney.

  • Anonymous

Alecamal, 16 Aug 2020I thought I had done my homework when I asked if the Armor ... moreHey kZ1, what provider do you use? I have Cricket and I'm able to get WiFi calling temporarily and I have to first enable it on a cricket branded phone first, which is why I'm switching. I tested a Mintmobile Sim card in an Umidigi F2 with wifi calling and VoWifi came up without any configuration. On a Oukitel WP7 which didn't have the wifi calling option but did have VoLTE which allowed wifi calls that way. Really comes down to the phone provider.

  • Alecamal

I thought I had done my homework when I asked if the Armor 7E supported wifi calling and was told that it did on one of the websites that I visited prior to purchasing one. Waited 55 days to receive the phone only to find out that what the phone does NOT support wifi calling. Checked further into the answer I got earlier and was told that I had to download an app like skype or messenger. That's not wifi calling and is nothing at all like wifi calling. Where I live there is no cell phone signal of any kind unless I drive into town, however if my phone is set to make and receive calls over wifi then it works normally as long as I am within range of my router. So in effect I purchased a very expensive paperweight as far as my needs go, so if you are expecting wifi supported calling then look into buying another phone. Sucks because my old thirty dollar tracfone smart phone had the technology and this one doesn't.

unXpected, 28 May 2020May I know if buying this phone worth it compare to Blackvi... moreI would prefer the BV9900. It checks all the boxes for durability and the hardware specs are exceptional. Both phones are good choices on sale. I cannot comment on the Doogee model since I have not seen one in action.

  • unXpected

May I know if buying this phone worth it compare to Blackview BV9900 pro or Doodgee S95 pro? Please assist if I'm going to buy this phone or not.

Of course the phone is like a tank. wonderful for outdoor guy

  • Anonymous

got it on the release sale too. Fantastic value (on paper). Won't actually receive it until 2 months from now but i'll try to post a mini-review when I get it.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone during the release sale.

I have an armor7. Fast!, excellent battery life, ok camera, well built. Had five Samsung Galaxy S.. handsets before this. Fed up with battery life and parts breaking, so bought this. I saved my index fingerprint for the reader to prevent nusance unlockings. Very easy to transfer everything over using Google. Based in UK on BT network. Maybe i should wait for 7e

  • Phoesbear

What can i say other then I absolutely love this phone, fast and reliable I have been thru all kinds of phones and I think this is the only one I have ever been really happy with.
It's solid and to be perfectly honest is right up there with the other phones these days but better, it's shock and water proof and perfect for men or women who tackle out door work who have tendencies of breaking their phones. I'm so impressed with this phone, it has made all my previous phones look and feel so fragile. Highly recommended!!

Cool phone, for the price this is an absolute bargain, I've had Armor 7 for 6 months, so far performance been excellent!! Highly recommend for people who are trades men or enjoy out doors like me.

  • Anonymous

This phone is perfect for my mom who broke her phone screen 3 times as such that screen price became the same as a new phone

Excellent service, quality goods and so great price,The device is super.great phone better than expected can't wait to use it swimming, only thing wish it came with US charger.

  • Anonymous

It really looks rugged. Would love to have a copy