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Ulefone Armor 8

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  • Tomdasz
  • DXS
  • 12 Dec 2023

Armor 8 User, 09 Sep 2022You have to insert a microSD memory card to be able to tran... moreNot true. I'm transferring with the cable

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    • R.Pundish
    • m{C
    • 24 Jun 2023

    Got this phone pre-used and everything is working fine except that when turning on the "touchscreen fail-safe mode" the touch should be less sensitive but instead it's turned the way around and is now more sensitive...

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      • MissVicky56
      • Rgj
      • 04 Feb 2023

      nick, 23 Dec 2022USB c port rails after less than 1 year and device is lostsame issue here. fixed with

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        • nick
        • n7b
        • 23 Dec 2022

        USB c port rails after less than 1 year and device is lost

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          • Armor 8 User
          • M8r
          • 09 Sep 2022

          JYF, 19 Jun 2022I have a ulefone amor 8. I enable to transfer a picture fro... moreYou have to insert a microSD memory card to be able to transfer any picture from your phone to your computer. Save your pictures on the microSD card. Without a microSD card you can't transfer pictures directly from your phone to your computer.

            • K
            • Kauaja
            • NsQ
            • 20 Jul 2022

            I have Ulefone Armor 8 it work very property everything is very well but it has a problem about speaker, for My first time to use this phone it was working well but now it's muted more than a week what should I do now?

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              • JYF
              • QGv
              • 19 Jun 2022

              I have a ulefone amor 8. I enable to transfer a picture from the phone to the computer via the wire cable. Nothing available when double CLIC on the ARMOR8 icon from computer. Thanks for an answer

                I have ulefone amor 8 ,the phone is pretty good ,but the water proof is 50/50.
                Speaker malfunction when dropped in water .

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                  • Bheki
                  • NsB
                  • 19 Mar 2022

                  Anonymous, 13 Nov 2021Headphone jack and speaker failed almost immediately after ... moreHad the same thing within a week of getting it

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                    • Anonymous
                    • g8r
                    • 10 Jan 2022

                    I have a problem that my phone flaches like someone else is taking photos or screen short of me and whats on the phone... Rely freaky...

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                      • Claude
                      • mj8
                      • 28 Nov 2021

                      I bought an ulefone armor 8 in November 2020, so already 1 year now. The mobile works well but since then I have not received any security updates and it looks like it will not come. I have absolutely no confidence in ulefone anymore!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nFF
                        • 13 Nov 2021

                        Headphone jack and speaker failed almost immediately after warranty was up. Not particularly what you'd want from a rugged phone

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                          • Anonymous
                          • xW{
                          • 01 Nov 2021

                          Like the phone overall, feels solid and good screen, custom key is handy. Good if you are working outside.
                          Don't buy if camera quality is important. Fingerprint and face rarely recognized.

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                            • tiroloko
                            • Lt9
                            • 27 Oct 2021

                            i have had the ulefone armor 8 for less than a month, it fell out of my poket while i was lying down, the fingerprint reader broke and the fone died. right now im trying to find out where to get it fixed... guadalajara mx.

                              I've been using this phone in a very tough environment. It survived insane drops and impacts, yet the screen remained unstrached. Camera is plain awful tho. Too oversaturated and very slow to focus.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • rRT
                                • 30 Sep 2021

                                I've had this phone for a few months now.

                                I constantly drop it on concrete and the case doesn't even get scratched.
                                The battery works for about 2 days in regular use, and about 7 hours with screen on and full brightness the whole time (using gps doing food deliveries).
                                Fully charging takes only like 2 hours.
                                Screen is beautiful color and clarity wise.

                                After a few months both speakers have become kinda broken and terrible. I can only use the loud speaker at like 20% of max volume or else it sounds messed up, and the ear speaker sounds tinny and way too quiet. As someone who actually uses his phone for phone calls, the fact that both of these parts have failed is super annoying.

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                                  • Happy customer
                                  • f37
                                  • 27 Aug 2021

                                  I got the x5 for 2 years now . Yes i smahed the screen . I just do things like that .but it did take a huge knock . Im so happy with this phone im looking at upgrading to the armor 8 . The x5 has not slowed down or even lagged over all this time . Only problem i got is the back camers stopped working ... sais camera occupied ....but other wise what a awsome phone .

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                                    • Kubiszon
                                    • MZL
                                    • 17 Aug 2021

                                    Gpurs, 23 Mar 2021Overall the phone is pretty good but the one fatal flaw is ... moreHey, I'm also struggling to make GPS work as it should. Played a little bit with battery saving options but still it is not perfect. Any ideas?

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                                      • Altogether now
                                      • n5w
                                      • 03 May 2021

                                      Gpurs, 23 Mar 2021Overall the phone is pretty good but the one fatal flaw is ... moreI run MemoryMap on this phone and it records the track OK. Screen is off and kept in pocket mostly, with the occasional look. Maybe it's the combination of settings. Perhaps you should persist with changing all the various keep awake/protected touch etc settings. Only had the phone a week but, so far, it's doing everything I ask of it.

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                                        • Gpurs
                                        • D6K
                                        • 23 Mar 2021

                                        Overall the phone is pretty good but the one fatal flaw is the GPS which goes to sleep after an hour so you can't record tracks of runs/rides etc. I bought this phone specifically for this purpose.
                                        Ulefone support is not very helpful and none of the GPS apps I've tried have solved the issue.