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Ulefone Armor X5

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  • Anonymous

Tim, 02 Jan 2021Does Armor X5 go with NFC? China seller on Ailexpress said ... moreUlefone Armor X5 has no NFC, sorry

  • Mark

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2020I can't delete people I have in my contacts, says it i... moreUse google contacts app from play store the build in app is just very basic, the phone is made for customization.

  • Anonymous

The camera autofocus is not helpful when taking pictures of documents. It just never focus properly and no clear photos can be taken as you cannot self focus to get the writing clear. Otherwise the camera is great for anything else

  • Tim

Karma, 04 Nov 2020Great phone. Extremely rugged. I literally have washed off ... moreDoes Armor X5 go with NFC? China seller on Ailexpress said that it has NFC but on gsmarena no NFC. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

I can't delete people I have in my contacts, says it is not possible to delete contacts.

  • Feeede

My Ulefone Armor X5 rear camera stoppedworking. Tried to switch off/on the phone, reset the camera app, clear cache. No change.

  • Karma

Great phone. Extremely rugged. I literally have washed off the phone (with soap and water) to remove dirt and mud. It rained on it and have left it under the sun without problems. I have dropped it on concrete a couple of times and still works great. Like the idea of the case being a bumper case and came with a screen protector already.

With that said, I use it as a work phone, not a "kids" phone:
*camera is great for documenting jobs.
*GPS, accelerometer, compass works like a charm.
*touchscreen works even with gloves.
*battery last good 2-3 days between full charges (it does takes forever to charge it, though)
*Android 10 Q and not many bloatware (had to remove some with ADB).
*Wanted to root it but Android 10 won't budge. Have not find a suitable TWRP file for this phone.

As I mentioned, this is a great phone for work, not for social media or the like.


The front camera suddenly stopped working. Can you kindly provide an upgrade to fix this problem??
Also, when it freezes,I have to restart to unfreeze it. Thanks

  • Sonali

The back camera is unable to switch back.I can only use the front camera. I've resetted my phone,force stop the camera but still nothing. Any help from the manufacturer?

  • Edward

The back camera is unable to switch back.. it only takes selfie (front camera only). I have reseted the camera, cleared the cache at the camera settings and even formatted the phone. Yet still problem persists..
Any help from the manufacturer.

  • Arne1

And what Galileo and Beidou navigation ?

  • alfred

troubled, 25 Jun 2020the padlock on the lock screen of my armor x5 is showing lo... morethe screen pad is locked. am unable to unlock. this phone has serious problem of locking the screen pad. what can I do to unlock the screen pad?

  • Anonymous

Overall pretty good for what paid for.
Some observations
-poor sound
-tried everything but some notifications don't pop up
-poor camera
-battery life decreasing after 6 months. After 50% decreases fast.
-holds up well with many bumps and dust
-overall functions well
-good reception

  • troubled

the padlock on the lock screen of my armor x5 is showing locked, preventing me from unlocking the phone and using the touch screen. how to I unlock the padlock icon

  • Arsov 36

Oh well, this takes me back.
But Anyways, What should we do about Ulefone Armor X5?

Fantastic cell phone but as is the case with all man-made products, I have an issue with the following:

-Although it is a rugged phone, it is too bulky especially when I carry it on the front pocket of my slim fit jeans.

-The camera takes too long to focus and I have missed out on many photos where one is required to take a quick snapshot.

All in all, I love the fact that it lives up to its name (I have dropped it quite a few times but it is still intact).

  • Marko

Don't have any issues with it except one, its annoying when you switch to another app and come back the app reloads most of the time. Even if there is a free ram available, they better fix that. Ignoring this it's a great phone and battery life for standard use is up to 2-3 days.

  • mihlit

Quite good, but has some issues:
1-camera focus takes quite long, which is annoying when you use shopping apps that scan barcodes
2-notification led is only white, no color statuses and it's in a deep hole so viewing angle is quite small
3-vibrations are super weak, I have this phone only for a few days, but I've never noticed anyone calling me when I use silent mode with vibrations, just missed calls later. Never happened with previous phone (sony z3 compact)

camera quality is so so, "acceptable" but not for social media enthusiasts

plus side: fast, no bloatware, easy to root, big battery