Ulefone Armor X7 Pro

Ulefone Armor X7 Pro

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  • Powdered Toast Man
  • 3Km
  • 25 Jul 2022

Anonymous, 12 Jun 20205" phone in 2020! Are we living in 2015?Some people would like to have a windscreen sized phone just beacause it's the latest fashion, some people would really do anything to be part of the latest trends, some desperate desperate people. Others just want to be able to hold their phone in one hand and fit it in a pocket, they might not even give a whole lot what others think of the size of their phone.

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    • Wolfsbane2k
    • M6s
    • 05 May 2022

    Bought the phone from Amazon UK in Jan 2021 and had a good few months solid use out of it, sadly developing an issue when dialed in to long calls where something in the phone, if using the audio jack for a microphone/headset, appeared to start to overheat and introduce a horrible whine that I couldn't hear, but others on the line could . Changed to a Bluetooth headset and the whine disappeared... but Ulefone wouldn't accept it and just kept telling me to reboot and wouldn't accept a return.

    After about 13 months of use with the daily charging via the USB port (with covering/uncovering the tightly fitting port cover), the body around the port cover cracked and split in two, meaning the phone was no longer waterproof, even with the cover in place.

    From a £100 phone point of view - it did it's job pretty well (yep, camera ain't great but what do you expect), and i'd happily use it for at least another year on the basis that it keeps getting the security patches (it's just got updated to Android 10, Security Patch Level Jan 2022) .

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      • IAM
      • rwk
      • 18 Jan 2022

      Since August 2020 mine is still performing well and intact except the computer and phone USB connectivity
      sometimes doesnt link, i think it has to do with the phones SD card expansion memory.I dropped it a dozen times from different angles and height,driving on top of it,freezing it,Hot water ,nailing nails as a harmer of which i damaged my finger print sensor ,best rugged phone i ever heard only my charging pot cover get lost and not sure if its still waterproofed or dust proofed is ther anyone can help.

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        • Red Oscar
        • kEG
        • 10 Oct 2021

        Purchased this phone for the wife July 2020. Installed a Mint SIM and the phone has worked flawlessly. I'm guessing she will get several more years of service before we replace it with something newer.

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          • Yep
          • pVc
          • 05 Oct 2021

          Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021My screen died after a year and few days. Didn't live ... moreMine last 11 month. It was cheap anyway 129 euros. Tommorrow sending to quarantie

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            • Anonymous
            • AK0
            • 14 Sep 2021

            My screen died after a year and few days. Didn't live up to expectations.

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              • Anonymous
              • XIa
              • 07 Jun 2021

              My screen keeps long to work when touched and it's comes on as well it will be scramble n shakes.
              What's is the cause and how do I get it to work back to normal. Thanks

                hi was wandering if you can change the battery on a x7 pro and is it easy

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                  • Anonymous
                  • H5N
                  • 25 Dec 2020

                  Hi, I was wondering if you could get the phone case off of the Armor X7 Pro. Having one myself, the phone cases are quite bulky and there aren't many colours. Please could someone get back to me as soon as possible as I don't have to long to make up or just make a decision.

                  Best wishes.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • d@C
                    • 28 Oct 2020

                    If you like the iPhone 6 then the x7 pro is similar performance (except battery life is a lot better). Fingerprint recognition isn’t very good ( usually only works by accident in your pocket!) Screen terrible in sunlight and very sensitive touch screen (sometimes too sensitive). Good budget phone. Works well on O2 uk. Only had it a few months and not dropped it too much so can’t comment on ruggedness yet but been covered in dust from a building site and works as normal.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • wHT
                      • 18 Oct 2020

                      Anonymous, 12 Jun 20205" phone in 2020! Are we living in 2015?I don't like huge phones. I am looking for an upgrade apparently, when I look around, it is always 6 inches at least 5.8 inches.

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                        • Hadji
                        • HB2
                        • 20 Aug 2020

                        This is a great budget phone. In my opinion, its main problem is the camera, whose dynamic range is really quite poor (you will struggle to get even exposures). Otherwise, the phone lives up to the expectations.

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                          • MEX-JR
                          • iIS
                          • 18 Aug 2020

                          My wife trashes 1 smartphone per year on average. Has broken or drowned Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy J6, Galaxy J4 and an Alcatel in between. Just received this today. If this one lasts 2 or 3 years it will have paid for itself. Feels rugged and very watertight, my wife only uses whatsapp, social media and Youtube, so specs should be enough for what she does. Time will tell.

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                            • enkthetank
                            • uCb
                            • 23 Jul 2020

                            Would be come in handy for travel and hiking.

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                              • Thirsty Weasel
                              • 3i8
                              • 23 Jul 2020

                              Anonymous, 12 Jun 20205" phone in 2020! Are we living in 2015?2015 was a great year compared to 2020 - tough to use face recognition unlock when you're always wearing a mask.
                              Maybe simplifying, downsizing is the sensible thing to do. Owning a "Phablet" is so 2012

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                                • Anonymous
                                • I@H
                                • 21 Jul 2020

                                It's really useful especially if you are really love travel

                                  Seems like a pretty good phone for the size. I 'd not like finding out that.
                                  Thank you for the opportunity. Recently launched on 8 June 2020.
                                  16 million dyes. 5-pen. Android 10, chipset with Mediatek Helio A20,
                                  1.8GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU & PowerVR GPU, 32 GB of internal RAM,
                                  13MP front camera, capability for 1080p@30pfs recording,
                                  Has an audio jack of 3.5 mm, at an reasonable price of 110 euros.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • PSv
                                    • 21 Jul 2020

                                    I hope i will experience to use that.

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                                      • mainam
                                      • LLP
                                      • 18 Jul 2020

                                      I are interested in use the thermal camera in our factory, that will be great

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                                        • JacKar
                                        • 8j}
                                        • 16 Jul 2020

                                        I wish I"ll test it soon.