Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra

Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra

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I would like to know does this phone going to get Android 14 and why they did not use a Snapdragon 8th gen 1 or 2 instead

    • M
    • Mark S
    • 8pi
    • 15 Feb 2024

    TDK, 29 Dec 2023Anyone in USA using this phone, what carrier is working for... moreCheck over the 4G and 5G bands.....
    Will work on TMobile and Verizon only just no mmWave on Verizon.

      • T
      • TDK
      • Tay
      • 29 Dec 2023

      Anyone in USA using this phone, what carrier is working for you? Ulefone's wording makes is impossible to know what carriers in US work with this phone, It obviously isn't on any US carrier white list but most China phones aren't and still work because they support the bands needed to, All my phones either work right away with already active sim from other phone or just need the correct APN settings put in then work fine, Amazon has reviews of people here in US using the Armor 19T but none say what carrier used, so it does indeed work here.

        Ulefone is getting crazy with the prices. I was a loyal Ulefone user, but I won't buy it again because the price is not justified.

          • M
          • Mills
          • kB5
          • 07 Nov 2023

          D7050 is a mid-range chip. 500k in AnTuTu 10 is alright.

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            • Anonymous
            • 0BG
            • 07 Nov 2023

            LOL. Just found out the non-ultra version is 625 Euro on Ulefone Bulgaria's site and it's even a "promo" price, down from 760 Euro.
            Pure insanity.