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Ulefone T2 Pro

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This is great aspect ratio..unlike newer models :/

    Arsov 36, 15 Jan 2020Why is this Phone released?"Cancelled" does not mean "released".

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      • Arsov 36
      • 3Sq
      • 15 Jan 2020

      Why is this Phone released?

        Chris, 14 Oct 2018I was waiting this T2 Pro since i've seen the demo version.... moreI'm never gonna trust them. I got a Ulefone mix once, but it got bricked when I tried a system update.

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          • Chris
          • m5c
          • 14 Oct 2018

          I was waiting this T2 Pro since i've seen the demo version. But seems like i wait for nothing. Now Realme 2 Pro and Oppo K1 come along and makes me excited.
          Don't know what to choose. Still like T2 Pro, but seems Ulefone brand is not that serious as we think.
          I write several times to Ulefone official fb page, but no answer. Don't like these attitude tbh.

            The Impaler, 25 Aug 2018Is this phone out yet?They say it is. It should be.

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              • Adrian
              • Ag{
              • 05 Oct 2018

              I like the Ulefone 3s look for it and compare

                Is this phone out yet?

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                  • Mac
                  • fjS
                  • 25 Aug 2018

                  Please let us know if the phone is not coming out for sale. We are very tired of waiting. Please, please!

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                    • Leo
                    • Rj3
                    • 08 Aug 2018

                    When will this phone be released?!? Ive been waiting since may to see if it was out like it says on this website... but its AUGUST now and still no information on release date or news?

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                      • haroldomg1
                      • Jss
                      • 06 Aug 2018

                      when this phone wil be for sale?

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                        • Endorama
                        • S2M
                        • 25 Jul 2018

                        This phone looked modern back in Feb and they should have released it a month later.
                        Now that Oppo Find X (price $700 in China) and Vivo Nex (price $500 in China) have been released with no notches and Snapdragon SOCs, I am not sure how many people would fork out $400 on the Ulefone T2 with a MTK processor.
                        Better spend a $100-200 more and get some future-proof tech and a nice looking screen.

                          • V
                          • Vic
                          • Mvv
                          • 23 Jul 2018

                          Released ...May 2018???
                          We are in ...July 2018 !!

                            • Z
                            • Zz
                            • nw%
                            • 19 Jul 2018

                            How long waiting???

                              Really hope it soon will be released.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • YQL
                                • 30 Jun 2018

                                It's looking very good and best Mobile in Mobile world but it's not working in India because of it has no frequency band 40 for India.

                                  • K
                                  • Kudzi
                                  • nHT
                                  • 21 Jun 2018

                                  By the way this phone will be officially released in July of this year. I read it in the comments section on the phone's Ulefone store page (link below) website so please take this with a pinch of salt. But I have scoured the net for this phone and I haven't found it on sale anywhere.


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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • P%K
                                    • 20 Jun 2018

                                    Anonymous, 31 May 2018on may 2018 is not avalable. where to buy for best price?ebay

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                                      • Janitor
                                      • kAu
                                      • 19 Jun 2018

                                      Mobilemaster, 22 May 2018I have to agree with you. I don't know how, but I didn't se... moreIf you need to read, do work, like blogging on the run, this is way better than streaming your eyes. When there are multiple screens this is a gem.
                                      I would like it to have Global Networks capabilities. I don't like limiting calling on cellular network. If anything goes wrong just switch to Wi-Fi Calling feature. There seems to be done conflict about all of the networks that it attached to. One site shows an abundance, bit another site shows only limited 4G to zero 4G capabilities.

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                                        • AA
                                        • 0aE
                                        • 02 Jun 2018

                                        I am wondering if this phone or one like it ( similar specs) will work in the USA on T-Mobile 4GLTE Nework...Anyone know?