Ultrahuman Ring Air in for review

Michail, 28 April 2024

Smart rings may be the next big thing in the wearables market and we just received the Ultrahuman Ring Air to see how it stacks up against the established smartwatches and smartbands. This is the lightest smart ring currently on the market ranging between 2-3 grams depending on the size you pick and it’s just 2.4mm thick – a lot less intrusive than a chunky smartwatch.

Ultrahuman Ring Air in for review

Despite its slender frame, Ring Air promises the standard array of health-tracking features found on smartwatches including continuous heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) and SpO2 monitoring. You also get detailed sleep tracking with sleep stages, recovery and movement index measurements, step counting and workout mode with precise heart rate tracking.

Ultrahuman Ring Air Ultrahuman Ring Air Ultrahuman Ring Air
Ultrahuman Ring Air

The inside of the ring features an infrared PPG sensor, a 6-axis motion sensor, and a skin temperature sensor alongside the battery and charging pins all wrapped in see-through epoxy resin.

Ultrahuman Ring Air sensors Ultrahuman Ring Air sensors
Ultrahuman Ring Air sensors

Ultrahuman claims that the finger is a more accurate source of information thanks to the abundance of arteries on your fingers. You can wear the ring on your index, middle, or ring finger. This is not a medical-grade device but we’ll make sure to compare readings from the ring with those from a smartwatch.

Ring Air pairs over Bluetooth 5 Low Energy (LE) to your Android or iOS phone and you get all your data on the Ultrahuman companion app. Our first impressions of the app are positive – it’s well laid out, easy to navigate, and offers detailed info for health and activity vitals alongside a few neat additions.

Ultrahuman Ring Air in for review

There’s a stimulant restriction window tracker that guides you on optimal times to take in caffeine and a circadian rhythm tracker to help you stay on top of your body clock with options to jot down light exposure, food intake, and exercise. It's also nice to see that there's no subscription model at play here and you can access all your data freely, forever.

Our review unit comes in the Raw Titanium finish which matches the Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro. The sleek finish looks reassuring and should fend off scuffs just fine. Ultrahuman is also offering Ring Air in Aster Black, Matte Grey, Bionic Gold, and Space Silver colors.

Ultrahuman Ring Air in for review

The retail package includes a charger and type-C USB cable as well as a few pamphlets to help you set up the ring. Pricing is set at $349 from the official Ultrahuman site. Our discount code GSM10 gets you 10% off, bringing the effective price to $314.

Ultrahuman Ring Air in for review

Battery life is claimed to last between 4-6 days which we’ll make sure to test out. That’s all we have for now, make sure to tune in to our full review coming in due time.


Reader comments

  • Vinod
  • 03 May 2024
  • 7k3

Using ultrahuman for sometime now. It created rashes on my skin and I had to stop using it.

I got my wife one of these to replace an annoying smartwatch. Results so far are positive. You do need to get the size kit and test before ordering. I can't use one because I use tools a lot, something to bear in mind if you are a technician, ...

It's probably related to the release of the Oura Ring, that proven smart rings do not have to be terribly unusable.

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