UMI now teases ZERO 2 with genuine leather back, no E-Ink

Peter, 13 August, 2015

UMI ZERO 2 is back with big promises. This time it takes aim at Vertu with genuine leather back (though the LG G4 seems like a more realistic target). "So no surprise even UMI want to design ZERO 2 is a true art and look-luxury, like Vertu," says UMI PR.

If you're thinking "but what about the e-Ink back?" well it turns out this may be a different phone, UMI ZERO PRO. Even though the company's Facebook page is touting the UMI ZERO 2 with an image of a phone with an e-Ink back.

It seems that the company itself isn’t 100% sure what the ZERO 2 is going to be, but they seem pretty sure it will have a reversible USB Type C port with fast-charging support. Asking about price and launch date is asking to reveal too much.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

A Vertu for the commoners. Great. Was expecting e-ink like the Yotaphone but that probably have a patent thing going on. Vertu style is fine as long as it is not bulky. The camera is obviously a Sony made which is cool. UMI better release this in dif...

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