Unnecto Air 5.5

Unnecto Air 5.5

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  • cherylann228

I have a Unnecto free phone. the service is ok. however I find the phone type hard to use. How can I activate that sim number on different cell?

  • AnonD-467558

I'm not using it yet but after reading his profile I could say that it is very good.
Also I got a friend who's using it and no complaint to date.

  • Randall

The battery is replaceable, I bought one and love it.

  • Tiny Tim

The specs would normally say "replaceable" if the battery is replaceable.

  • Jim

levy69, 01 Jul 2015How do you take the back off to install the batteryI'm not sure, but I don't think you do and it's expensive to have one replaced as they have to be soldered in by my information. Better check to make sure.

  • levy69

How do you take the back off to install the battery