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Unnecto Drone

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  • PalmIsBack

2GB Ram in 2012? That's insane!!

  • piece of crap!

Instructions say there is a SD card slot on the Drone X and I'm tired of looking for it. Can't find it anywhere in the back after removing cover! ? 😠

  • yupik

how do we use the light on the phone for at nite time


GUYS, do agree with me that this is a good example for stupid companyies .

reply me if you agree with me

  • GSM Guru

affairica, 12 Jul 2014How can it be resistive touchscreen if it's android?It is resistive touch screen android because it is garbage. Capactive is the norm.

  • affairica

How can it be resistive touchscreen if it's android?

  • Amitabh Bachpan

nice phone with 2 gb (??) ram :)