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  • Tony

Almost useless cellphone. Within 2.5 months I could only hear when on a phone call using the speakerphone. The phone jack only works with one of the 5 headsets that I own. Unnecto customer support will ignore your text submissions if they do not feel like dealing with you. They company should be shut down. Do not buy one of their pathetic phones unless you like wasting money. The internal storage capacity of the drone x is tiny. If you want to download videos you really have to buy a micro sd card. Unnecto customer support will be of no help with the micro sd install either. They owners manual is rather useless also.

  • Nevermind

This phone is trouble the state needs to shut the company are companies down I've yet to speak to a real human begin second they are just letting the voice mail just roll over the same message I'm going to see that this does not continue to happen to other people that need any kind of phone service you treat people the way you want to be ttreated

  • AnonD-642064

jeek, 18 Jan 2017Ugh phone keeps showing memory storage full! I've deleted a... moreThe Unnecto Drone X only has 256 MB of RAM. The Android operating system uses roughly 230 MB of that memory. I have bought a micro SD card, but haven't been able to find the slot for it.

  • jeek

Ugh phone keeps showing memory storage full! I've deleted all pics plus music even Uninstalled Facebook the darn thing still says low memory and will not let me receive any text messages. Is there something I'm missing? I've also disabled couple of apps on the phone too fyi

  • Jap

I have a Unnecto Drone X and i cant keep it from beeping contantly how do I shut the beeping off Thanks and please help me

  • Anonymous

Can u help me with my phone

  • Anonymous

How do i not be recorded on every call in or out

  • Anonymous

I need a user's manual for a Drone XS manual. Will an XL manual work??

  • Anonymous

AnonD-498434, 08 Feb 2016Terrible battery life, maybe a day on standby after full ch... moreCan u help me with my phone

  • Dan

AnonD-544501, 02 Jun 2016I have 4 issues with this phone off the top of my head: ... moreHi how are u. Having problems with my phone if u have some time can u help me please thanks

  • Dan

AnonD-544501, 02 Jun 2016I have 4 issues with this phone off the top of my head: ... moreHi how are u. Having problems with my phone if u have some time can u help me please thanks

  • AnonD-544501

I have 4 issues with this phone off the top of my head:
1). Memory Space; the phone says I have 98.82MB avail. space. When I plug phone to lap top, it says memory is at full capacity, 154MB used, none avail.
2). Phone records every call, incoming and outgoing. I cannot figure out how to disable it. 3). At the first screen before unlocking it, it shows "NO SIM CARD", Why? There is a SIM card in the phone. Does it even matter?
4). If I make a call and get an automated system asking to press 1 for this 2 for that and so on, the screen goes black or to sleep. I have to continually hit the power button to bring it back to get the key pad back. This too I cannot figure out how to disable. Can someone please help or provide me with a Tech Support number to call.
Thank you for your time.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-457997, 21 Oct 2015i have played with my drone x and other than the fact i can... moreChoose media files. It has many ring tones and message tones

  • seabrapeter7@gmail.c

i need a replacement battery for d DroneX can anyone advise its just 10mths&i need a new 1

  • AnonD-498434

Terrible battery life, maybe a day on standby after full charge and I mean 12hrs not 24. On the plus side the speaker(s) are really loud. I'm reminded of this frequently as it makes little death noises when it's sucked the life from it's 1100mAh battery ( is there an ''m'' missing? Maybe it's really 1 1000/th of 1100 1000/ths of an Amp hour) I had hoped accessing developer mode and limiting the background processes to 4 would make a difference...but that would a NO
Now for it's most serious offense - NO voice to text. This is I think the best reason to use it as a puck the next you pass an arcade with Air Hockey tables. I mean Really?
I find that next to my iPhone it's the biggest cause of frustration in my life but it's probably second only because I do my best not to ever use it. It's there, umbilical cord energized ready for an ''emergency''. Like if I lost my iPhone in which case I would likely kill myself after adapting the USB port on the Drone X to straight 110VAC wall current....Now that's what I call Sizzle. But before that I would put on a second pair of redi readers so I could see the keyboard and hopefully manage a clean SOS within 36 attempts at hitting the correct keys in order ( tiny little keys and no mic, I think there may be things deeper and far more sinister beneath all this....but I'll leave that to those more learned on such fantasy. Because the mainstream media cannot possibly report anything other than what really real right? ...and so it's white picket fences and 2 cars in the driveway for all..... pass me another glass of that berry flavored drink over there please. yeh the one with the Real imitation partially hydroginated high fructose corn syrup fruit flavor made possible by Monsa.....................

(Dear site admin, moderators etc I don't feel this breaks the no bashing rules - it's only a one time honest opinion from myself and likely shared by other's just maybe with less passion shall we call it. Nor have I broken the other rules listed so I hope you post this. And in all fairness to Unnecto maybe I got a lemon, can happen to anyone.... But then there's the no voice to text thing hmmmm ......)

  • AnonD-493210

Anonymous, 15 May 2015how do i root this phone Not worth rooting only 256 mb ram. Not a whole lot to free up... it so basic. Also dime a dozen. But if you must, go to xda developers... shouldn't be hard to unlock the bootloader

  • Chris

I'm not receiving text messages

  • KimF

Mel, 24 Oct 2015I can't figure out where the microphone on the keyboard usu... moreI feel talk to text is essential because the keys are too small which makes texting tedious. I have the same phone and when I got it I spent an entire week trying everything I could possibly think of to add the feature including various downloads of keyboard apps. I was disappointed to find out talk to text is not a feature this phone supports. You can find the option in settings, but it does not work with this basic phone.

  • Mel

I can't figure out where the microphone on the keyboard usually is. Does this phone even have talk to text? (Where you speak into the phone and it types out what your saying.) It doesn't even have the microphone icon in the browser or Google search like I've always seen and used. Please help me I'm so CONFUSED! Hopefully there's an app or download I can install that'll put the feature on my phone so I can use it more.

  • AnonD-457997

i have played with my drone x and other than the fact i cannot change ringtones i think its a fantastic little phone. there seems to be a little confusion as well about the dual sim card system does know if in fact we can expand the memory it seems airvoice says no unnecto says yes i don't want to drop the money on a card if its not going to work.