Unnecto Quattro S

Unnecto Quattro S

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  • Tippy
  • THI
  • 13 Apr 2020

Phone of good quality,have mine from 2018,the megapixel of camera needs improvement though.It's blurry.

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    • Anonymous
    • qN1
    • 03 Jan 2018

    Darlene, 24 Jan 2017I have dropped every call that has been dialed to me. I do ... moreI feel the same way....still can't figure out how to even answer the phone....wished there was someone to help me

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      • Law Baile
      • q8@
      • 14 Jun 2017

      This phone is a reliable tool of mine with a good camera and a quick feel to it thanks to the quad core chip. I've not had a problem with it at all and compared to my last phone,the samsung s3,this phone is holding it's own. I like it and the price is right.

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        • Anonymous
        • jYE
        • 27 Jan 2017

        the phone Is ok the only thing I don't like about it is that it has bad viewing angles

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          • Darlene
          • I8Z
          • 24 Jan 2017

          I have dropped every call that has been dialed to me. I do not know how to use this phone or answer incoming calls. The manual is useless. No ring tones. I. Taking it back. Would rather keep my old phone.

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            • AnonD-612298
            • 7ys
            • 21 Nov 2016

            This phone has the worst booklet...the worst memory...the worst phone period!....I am taking mine back. It is so difficult to navigate. I needed an upgrade from the 4.0 Samsung I had and this one really sucks. It is so hard to learn on. The Samsung was so easy to navigate and had and easy to understand and THOROUGH booklet.

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              • Anonymous
              • EXm
              • 03 Nov 2016

              They have the least helpful owner's manual that I have seen in my whole life!!!