Unnecto Quattro Z

Unnecto Quattro Z

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  • Alexinho
  • LCi
  • 07 Aug 2018

I would like to get this phone!

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    • TinyRoxanne
    • LBH
    • 05 Mar 2017

    Can someone help me locate and buy a battery for this phone.
    Thank you very much for your help

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      • Anonymous
      • B{5
      • 13 Aug 2016

      hi,every one that have unnecto quatro u720 Rom please help me,and give me download link for this rom my gmail is mehdi0555@gmali.com,please help me

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        • ali
        • cNJ
        • 03 Aug 2015

        hi,every one that have unnecto u720 Rom please help me,and give me download link for this rom my gmail is alijam67@gmali.com,please help me

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          • Yuval
          • m1F
          • 14 Sep 2014

          I have to admit that initially I bought this phone for a really low price and I was very happy with it.
          However, one and a half month afterwards - this phone is quite piece of crap.
          The on/off button is located on the backward plastic panel (one you remove for detach the battery). So after three or four times you are detaching this panel - the button stops working.
          Futhermore, the low RAM causes the phone to work really slow and the lack of the accessories brings the phone to be broken and stretched all over.

          The conclusion - good for the kids to play like a real thing. Does not worth 90 bucks you're required to pay.

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            • AnonD-306421
            • r%D
            • 12 Sep 2014

            Bought this phone bout a month ago to get me to the Apple 6 intro. Phone works well, actually pairs with my Mercedes BluTooth and have had some success getting contacts to upload/sync (takes a bit of trying but eventually works). Biggest problem is not the phone but Android operating system. ownload and install one App from the playstore and it queers 3 other apps. Unlike Apple products the Android system isn't vetted well. A lot of junk out there and no one policing it.
            I can recommend the phone. Hardware is OK, Screen is good, call quality is very good. It's a pity it is hindered by the Android system.