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  • Sugardaddy
  • pc{
  • 17 Nov 2017

This device is not Android Certified (https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7165974?hl=en). Trying to run a payment's app I get an error msg saying "This application is not supported on rooted devices" (I bought the phone new and sealed). In Play store, Settings, Device certification; it says "Uncertified". I would avoid this phone due to this and other possible security issues, as explained by google in the link above.

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    • Tony D.
    • DQp
    • 16 Aug 2017

    I've owned one for a bit now. Biggest issue is the RAM and Bluetooth radio. The RAM often does not leave much space for app updates and I don't do much with my phone outside of Walkmate, Runtastic, a couple of Bible apps, and a couple of audio apps. Additionally, the Bluetooth radio recently seems to be spotty where the connection will pop in and out.

    That said, the phone doesn't run very hot compared to the Blackberry Android slider I got afterwards. The size is perfect. Fits easily into those camera wallets from Walmart and right into your pocket. I went back to the Swift full-time since the BB Android slider was too cumbersome for my workouts. Finally, it also works well as a hotspot for other devices.

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      • bilbhac
      • 7DK
      • 11 May 2017

      just ordered a Unne3cto Swift....and will give a report soon.