Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds X to have noise cancellation

Ro, 02 May 2020

It's no secret anymore that Samsung is working on a proper successor to the Galaxy Buds+ called Galaxy Buds X. Or they would probably co-exist, but given the rumored price of around $140, we suspect the Buds X will replace the older generation.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds X to have noise cancellation

Anyway, according to the US Patent Office listing, the Galaxy Buds X will offer active noise cancellation undercutting Apple's AirPods Pro and the Pixel Buds 2. The design also looks a little funky from those leaked renders from a month ago.

Since the pair stopped by the US Patent Office, Samsung is perhaps gearing up for a release sooner than we might think. Stay tuned.



Reader comments

  • Joe

it is strange Samsung has already released noise cancelling earbuds, not sure about those galaxy buds X AKG-N400 or something like that

  • Anonymous

if you ain't tried it, don't comment about how well it stays on. Can prob hook somewhere inside the ear

  • Anonymous

its call active noise cancelation, it lowers the low frequencies with software wirh thebbuilt into the chip. It"s like how a hearing aid doesn't plug in all the way, but people are still loud af even if you aren't close to them

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