US Judge blocks TikTok ban, asks the US to defend the decision

Yordan, 25 September 2020

The Commerce Department of the United States issued an executive order to Apple and Google to ban WeChat and TikTok from their app stores, but now US District Judge Carl Nichols blocked the decision.

The judge said the government ”must file a response to a request by TikTok for a preliminary injunction or delay the order by 2:30 pm EDT Friday.”

The TikTok app The TikTok app The TikTok app The TikTok app
The TikTok app

A similar situation is happening in California, with a federal judge issuing a preliminary injunction blocking the ban of WeChat - another platform, owned by a Chinese conglomerate Tencent. According to TikTok, the restrictions “are not motivated by a genuine national security concern” but are rather being used as a bargaining chip in the upcoming general elections.

Last Saturday saw a different sort of delay to the ban after “positive developments” - Walmart and Oracle reportedly will join hands in purchasing a minor stake in TikTok Global - a new subsidiary by ByteDance that is supposedly going to make TikTok a platform for influencers and brands to promote products while doing their silly dances.



Reader comments

Isn't there still many alternative video sharing apps, and messaging apps? If they ban or block all other countries but their own native app. Then that would be no freedom of speech! I don't use video sharing app, so i don't know alter...

I thought it was, server must be in country, server must allow full access to government, product must be under country censorship. Minus the censorship part. If a country has full access to the server, and the server is physical based in that countr...


USA ban every thing just like tik tok,we chat ,that mean USA people totally not freedom they have no right to talk ,share freely cause USA government controlling every thing...….ONE DAY USA GOVERNMENT CONTROLLING PEOPLE JUST LIKE RULES

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