Valve officially releases Counter-Strike 2, it's now available on Steam

Ro, 28 September 2023

Arguably one of the most anticipated game titles this year is Counter-Strike 2. Valve, the studio behind the famous competitive shooter, announced the update to the existing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in March this year, but limited the beta testing to select high-ranking players, streamers and content creators.

Valve officially releases Counter-Strike 2, it's now available on Steam

Counter-Strike 2 doesn't feel like an upgrade, but like a totally different game. While most of the mechanics for which we love Counter-Strike are in place, CS2 is an improvement in many aspects and fixes a slew of issues, for which the community was complaining about for years.

Most of the improvements are thanks to Valve's Source 2 engine. That's been serving as a foundation of Dota 2 for years, so Valve took its sweet time with Counter-Strike.

The new engine allows for volumetric smokes with more advanced behavior to the changing environment, new graphics, refreshed maps, new sub-tick rate for more precise tracking of players' actions and plenty of other gameplay improvements.

And as promised, today Valve makes the Counter-Strike 2 title available for everyone and can be downloaded from Steam. It remains free to play and in case you have a big inventory with skins, you will be delighted to know that Valve is porting every single skin from CSGO to CS2.



Reader comments

Well, in 20 years they also worked on CS GO quite a lot. And now they're wasting it, sadly. But true... the explosion looks like it happened in 2 stages, totally unaffected by the building, nor is the building affected, I mean, Wow. Its n...

The worst thing is that you can't play CS GO again. I have a laptop with GTX 1060, and CS GO gave 150-200 fps on Dust 2. I'm sure fps will go down by a big margin, not sure how much though. Its how the industry works: People get n...

  • Anonymous
  • 30 Sep 2023
  • thb

Back in those days resolution are like 140p-240p tops meaning low graphic textures = low sizes.

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