Verizon leaks HTC U12 key specs

Yordan, 26 April 2018

Verizon has a platform called Open Development for encouraging the development of new products, apps, and services beyond the company portfolio. Along with the design & build part, there is also a Showcase part where many devices, licensed to work with the Verizon network, are listed.

According to a listing of the HTC U12, the phone will have Super WQHD LCD with 6” diagonal. It also reveals the battery capacity of 3,500 mAh and Android Oreo.

Verizon leaks a bit of HTC U12

For obvious reasons the Verizon Open Development listing has used the image of the year-old HTC U11 instead. The U12 is said to arrive with “Frame less Display”, meaning we might see a tall screen. Earlier case renders revealed a tiny forehead and chin and practically nothing on the sides, similar to what Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S8 last year.

HTC U12+ live images HTC U12+ live images HTC U12+ live images HTC U12+ live images
HTC U12+ leaked live images from earlier this month

The listing also says LTE Cat.12 which is contradicting with previous rumors of Snapdragon 845. The latest high-end Qualcomm chipset supports Category 18 download and Category 13 upload with up to 1.2 Gbps speeds. There is a possibility the Verizon version of the phone might limited for some reason or that this is just a typo.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

That's no bad thing. We need the best phones with stock android possible.

  • Anonymous

Fake. Look at the bottom. Quick charge 1.0 o.O Really that 1.0 needs to be switching to 4.0+ minimum considering the chipset has long since supported it. If we're going to have suspected average battery life results in the review fro...

  • ADI

We don't care about it .. Just leak or release your damn phone. you take years to release them . Goodness!!!

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