Verizon officially makes Google Messages the default messaging app for all Android phones

Ricky, 21 July 2021

At the start of July, AT&T announced that it was changing the default text messaging app for all of its Android phones to Google Messages. With T-Mobile already on board, Verizon was the only major US carrier that was not committed to using Google Messages encrypted RCS solution. That is until now.

Verizon is announcing that it has teamed with Google to make Google Messages the default messaging app on Android phones sold by Verizon. Surely, anyone with an Android device on Verizon already had the freedom to download the app from the Play Store and set it as default but making Google Messages the default app out of the box makes messaging more likely to be end-to-end encrypted (provided both parties are using Google Messages).

Messages by Google will be preloaded, starting next year, on all Verizon Android devices, enabling consumers to enjoy rick messaging features, such as sending and receiving higher-quality photos and videos, chatting over Wi-Fi or data, knowing when your message is read, enjoying more dynamic and engaging group chats, and securely chatting with other Messages users in available one-on-one conversations with end-to-end encryption.

RCS is also attracting as a direct-to-consumer communication channel for Businesses.

Businesses will also be able to build and manage messaging to more effectively reach their customers. RCS will allow Verizon Android users the option to easily connect with businesses to purchase products, make reservations, ask questions and more.

Verizon will be adding full RCS compatibility with its self-branded Verizon Message+ app by the end of this year. We assume this means that RCS messages will be inter-operable with Google Messages and Verizon’s Messaging app. We hope this includes end-to-end encryption as well.



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Man almost every app is colecting data not only messages apps but many others too. In this case it really doesnt matter what you use. By the way in deserts of Utah 25 years ago an inteligence centre were build in monitors 98% of all messagess s...

Glad to hear. I really like Google messaging RCS with it's conversation bubbles and uncompressed photos and video. I know quite a few less savy people that have no problem with any messaging app. If a new phone came with G messaging already def...

If they have an SMS app that they really love, they will ask somebody they know to help them get that app again. In case they don't even know whom to ask, then it's might be better to stick with Google, since they provide e2ee, so as l...

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