Verizon pushes KRACK fix to Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 series phones

Himanshu, 30 November 2017

After updating the Samsung Galaxy Note8 units on its network, Verizon has also started pushing out a new update to some former Samsung flagships - the Galaxy Note5 and the S6 series (S6, S6 edge, and S6 edge+).

The update in question includes a fix for the KRACK Wi-Fi WPA2 security vulnerability as well as Android fixes for November.

It arrives as software version N920VVRS3CQK1, G920VVRS4DQK1, G925VVRS4DQK1, and G928VVRS3CQK1 for the Note5 and S6 series devices, respectively.

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Reader comments

It was pushed in Ca on the 15th, the S8 had it on day1, Note 8 too, S7 got yesterday and J3 got it the 20th.

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