Vertu Ascent Ferrari GT

Vertu Ascent Ferrari GT

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  • andy pandy
  • MAF
  • 19 Jun 2012

Remember who it's for: people who call others to get them the information. These people don't need a smartphone. They have smart people instead. That is why Vertu have their 'concierge' service. Call them and they'll sort it for you whatever it is (within limits of course).

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    • gvfpl
    • P@L
    • 14 Jun 2012

    frndz the money is for BRAND VERTU....if you cannot afford it don't criticize it....

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      • Anonymous
      • S26
      • 06 May 2012

      Anonymous, 11 Feb 2012If I could choose, I would take this phone before the Galax... moreI totally agree with you ma friend.

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        • AnonD-34870
        • PB5
        • 13 Apr 2012

        A nice phone with a 5mp camera with autofocus and LED flash but there's no 3.5mm jack? No Card slot, and the talk time is just 4h 50min?

        I rather pick Samsung S5610 with the same features of a camera with 3.5mm jack, a Card slot up to 32GB, and a talk time of 15h 16min.

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          • Anonymous
          • rxh
          • 15 Feb 2012

          Anonymous, 11 Feb 2012If I could choose, I would take this phone before the Galax... moreah see tht is only "IF" you cud choose... i owned a galaxy s and now a nexus s... do u still like ur 1100????

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            • Anonymous
            • 0pU
            • 11 Feb 2012

            If I could choose, I would take this phone before the Galaxy S. I really hate Galaxy S ma friends.

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              • dheer
              • t}A
              • 21 Jan 2012

              ehsan, 07 Dec 201132 gb memory for what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???32GB exernal Memory.....////

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                • dheer
                • t}A
                • 21 Jan 2012

                AnonD-38774, 20 Jan 2012like a g6????

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                  • AnonD-38774
                  • tV0
                  • 20 Jan 2012

                  like a g6

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 038
                    • 24 Dec 2011

                    This shit like old Nokia wIth gold dress

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                      • riz
                      • vLy
                      • 15 Dec 2011

                      i was much this outdated config piece will cost in the name of branding/luxury/etc

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                        • Mo Barack
                        • nCY
                        • 12 Dec 2011

                        it's for brand conscious posh people ....

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                          • miller
                          • fuI
                          • 10 Dec 2011

                          i think if u can afford a ferrari then u can afford this phone to accent it but what do i hear about luxury? to me luxury is when the phone can perform all the advanced tasks of modern day technology which is offered by the smartphones around. honestly speaking id go for a jewels customized samsung galaxy s2 any day over this phone

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                            • AdamBoy64
                            • Fv4
                            • 07 Dec 2011

                            What OS is this running? Is it a featurephone?

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                              • ehsan
                              • g8c
                              • 07 Dec 2011

                              32 gb memory for what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

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                                • Breaksense
                                • La5
                                • 06 Dec 2011

                                This phone is totally useless from my point of view.Why to make such a weak phone in a era of smartphones?It is made of titanium and leather,I don't care but if someone buys this for it's exaggerated price then I can say my plastic made phone it's smarter than the one who buys offense.

                                  • C
                                  • Cornelius
                                  • Kg$
                                  • 28 Nov 2011

                                  I just gave this unit to a beggar somewhere in Singapore. I thought it was my old Nokia 3210. No matter, I will buy again as a replacement to my Nokia 3210.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • P$q
                                    • 25 Nov 2011

                                    I bought one yesterday but forgot where I left my bugetti?, in my castle? in my plane?....... anyhow doesn't matter, a good excuse to switch to the constellation model.

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                                      • asspss
                                      • PIZ
                                      • 31 Oct 2011

                                      Whocaresanyway, 19 Oct 2011Why would you buy this kind of phone? I woul rather prefer... morepeople who are able to buy this phone can afford to throw a samsung galaxy s2 to the wall like a boss. they can buy a rolex and this together. well, my friend's uncle got this to match with his favourite ferrari car.

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                                        • Whocaresanyway
                                        • n%n
                                        • 19 Oct 2011

                                        Why would you buy this kind of phone?
                                        I woul rather prefer to buy a Rolex, then this phone. If people really buy this because they want to show off their money, they can do that in a whole other way than this. So buy a Rolex and after that buy a Samsung Galaxy S2. So you got real money.