Vertu Boucheron 150 glitters but does it call?

10 Dec, 2008

We knew all along something was wrong with Vertu sets. It finally dawned on us they were actually somewhat understated. Well, no more.

In celebration of their 150th anniversary, French jewelers Boucheron crafted the single edition Vertu Boucheron 150 to push excess through the roof. Boucheron have teamed up with Vertu before to dress a bunch of Signature Line handsets in gold and precious stones.

Vertu Boucheron 150 and the walnut chest

But this time around they simply refused to play it small. Sculpting the whole piece from solid gold was obviously more like it. Vertu Boucheron 150 took 1000 hours to cut into shape, 700 hours to hand polish and 500 hours hand craft.

A single edition, solid gold hand-crafted Vertu sounds like a good enough reason to touch wood these credit crunch days. Whether anyone will be sold on it or else, the gold bar goes with a massive walnut chest.

Source: TechPin


Reader comments

  • EsPaDa

the only thing that i can say is dammm!!!!!!! one a kind fine piece but only crazy rich people buy it

  • Juan

Htis fhone is very, but very elegance, is diferen, i feel and thing the revolucion the status that everyone mens, see you has place everyweher you recive one call, uff the othe person cut you hans, i need one

  • Anonymous

how about getting a life sweetheart and piss off to somewhere where you will be loved, sounds like you need some love dickhead!!!