Video shows off official Galaxy S9 and S9+ cases, suggests purple version

02 February 2018

The folks over at Mobile Fun have posted a video taking a close look at the official Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ cases. These cases are identical to the current Galaxy S8 and S8+ flip cases (sometimes called “S-View” or "Clear View") with the only difference being the name of the smartphone on the packaging and, of course, the placement of the cameras and fingerprint sensor.

The case is so similar, in fact, that the host of the video put the S8 into the case and found that it was almost an exact fit, so we can expect the S9 and S9+ to be identical in size and button placement as their predecessors.

All the flip case functions worked on the S8: you can see the clock, notifications, and answer calls. You can also refold this case into a kick-stand for watching videos.

What’s also interesting is a new possible color option. In addition to blue and black and rose gold color options, there is also a purple colored case. While this could simply be a color choice for such a case, it’s entirely plausible that Samsung could be launching a new colored Galaxy S9. It would make sense to introduce a new color to stand out amongst the similar-looking Galaxy S8’s.

There’d been rumors that Samsung was going to offer a violet, purple, or amethyst color of the S8 (a Brazilian retailer surveyed its customers if they preferred the gem-colored smartphone). Needless to say, there was no such Galaxy S8 model, but perhaps the S9 will bring the new color. It’s safe to say this new color likely won’t make it to the United States, where Samsung likes to launch with neutral (safe) colors and later launch a new edition (such as the coral blue Galaxy S7 or the Deep Sea Blue Galaxy Note8).

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be announced on February 25 at the MWC in Barcelona. We’ll be there attending the event live, so be sure to check back when the date comes around. Aside from what was mentioned above, we can expect a bump in CPU performance, a new camera experience (something along the lines of super slow-motion capabilities), and Android Oreo with Samsung’s Experience UI 9.