Vine now works on the Apple Watch

24 November, 2015

The latest version of Vine for iOS brings with it support for the Apple Watch, among other things. To enable this, make sure you have Vine 4.4.0, which started rolling out today through the iTunes App Store.

Then, head into the Watch app on your iPhone, find Vine, and choose "Show app on Apple Watch". From that point on you can see your account's total loops as well as access Vine straight from the watch face with its complication.

Vine for the Apple Watch lets you view accounts that you've favorited, and posts that have lots of views. These are shown through the app's two tabs, Favorites and Featured, respectively. It's also possible to revine from your wrist.

Finally, the new version of Vine for iOS lets you swipe left on any post to see more Vines, thanks to the app's improved recommendation engine.