vivo iQOO Neo3 5G

vivo iQOO Neo3 5G

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  • 61D
  • 17 Mar 2022

AVFA, 03 Feb 2021Does anyone know why this phpne get 630k points from antutu... morebecause the UI used by iQoo is very light compared to MIUI, and the placement of components in iQoo is tricked so that it becomes faster

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    • Anonymous
    • RJi
    • 24 Apr 2021

    Android 11 and Origin OS is available now for this phone. Hope GSM Arena can update it.

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      • Diaz
      • X$u
      • 24 Feb 2021

      AVFA, 03 Feb 2021Does anyone know why this phpne get 630k points from antutu... moreBcs Mi doesn't optimize SD865 as well as iQOO

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        • AVFA
        • gCx
        • 03 Feb 2021

        Does anyone know why this phpne get 630k points from antutu? Poco f2 pro has same cpu, gpu, 3.1 stroge and LDDR5 ram... Poco gets 570k points.

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          • Wooski
          • sr%
          • 24 Jan 2021

          Leogi, 23 Jan 2021Hope there will be a Iqoo Neo 4, and it keeps the headphone... moreI wish they put put vivo iqoo neo 4 5G with SD888 and a charger

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            • Leogi
            • saG
            • 23 Jan 2021

            Hope there will be a Iqoo Neo 4, and it keeps the headphone jack but gives it a better 32 bit dac~

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              • MamboRat1980
              • 2Ap
              • 15 Jan 2021

              It is awful to see such trash phone produce by garbage company, for the price of $500+ compared to Xiaomi's Mi 10T 5g is a mile difference, first of all the later phone is less $200 or more then the specs are similar or quite more from Mi 10T phone. as one plus slogan, never settle..

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                • Matt
                • Fvd
                • 11 Dec 2020

                heheboi, 02 Nov 2020Can it work well in the us?It works in the US but it's missing a bunch of bands. Google pay and such actually work and the IPS screen looks fine. It runs around 500K AnTuTu stock.

                  IPS display? Why not Super AMOLED with such high specs.?

                    Can it work well in the us?

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                      • Nappy
                      • Nug
                      • 31 Oct 2020

                      Hugh Dicksy, 20 Aug 2020How come vivo still doesn't release this in Philippine... moreYou can order from cectshop

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                        • Anonymous
                        • UGk
                        • 22 Oct 2020

                        Can anyone tell me if they can use Google pay and other banking apps after installing Google playstore without any issues. Tks

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                          • Marius
                          • JCI
                          • 19 Oct 2020

                          Worse experience ever with this phone. Might be boosted with all latest hardware. The android on this is appalling. This device is not for European market. Full with chines apps. Notifications not working on all the apps. Netflix not working on this. Waste of money for me. £400 in the drain. Going back to my old phone. I regret buying this phone. Don't do the same mistake. This is made only for gaming.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • KSE
                            • 12 Oct 2020

                            I have this phone. No problem with performance. The only problem is the iqoo ui. Can't get notifications from WhatsApp or Gmail unless you go into the app or restart the phone sometimes. Whatever app you installed, the notifications, autostart is turned off by default. The ram management is very very poor.

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                              • Hieu
                              • trH
                              • 09 Oct 2020

                              Is the screen fragile? It's don't have gorilla glass.

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                                • Pen is Big
                                • 2Ap
                                • 08 Oct 2020

                                This phone is a big hit if they launch it in southeast asia like in Philippines. Because some of vivo products are mostly trash, except this one

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                                  • Boi
                                  • KZ8
                                  • 28 Sep 2020

                                  Does this camera have a portrait camera?

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                                    • vivo iQOO Neo3 5G
                                    • 8@P
                                    • 11 Sep 2020

                                    davigamer, 30 Aug 2020Is that lcd screen good? (some lcd screens are really bad),... moreYes, I have vivo iQOO Neo3 5G it's the screen is excellent!
                                    yes, you can set the NOVA launcher by default

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                                      • davigamer
                                      • 0dt
                                      • 30 Aug 2020

                                      Is that lcd screen good? (some lcd screens are really bad), Also Can i use a custom launcher like nova and can i unistall chinesse apps?

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                                        • Hugh Dicksy
                                        • 2Ap
                                        • 20 Aug 2020

                                        How come vivo still doesn't release this in Philippines, you already release new Iqoo series but you've not taken consideration on our request to have this phone sell in our country, if only vivo finds out that this phone is more than relevant than the realme x3, they can overtake the market instantly. But their not risking and scared af