vivo iQOO Pro 5G

vivo iQOO Pro 5G

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019How I can buy this in saudi arabia? From Ali express

  • Anonymous

How I can buy this in saudi arabia?

  • Evil crash bandicoot

I understand from this we can't found Snapdragon 855 with SD mobile only Lenovo z6 pro

  • golu

when launch in india

  • Anonymous

128 Gigas is so little.... they must to put 256 and 512 and 1 Terrabyte

  • Xxx

This is for gaming hope for Liquid Cooling

Muja, 24 Aug 2019Storage 258 or 256 ?258 gb??? Please

  • MFA

720p 1920fps ???

  • Muja

Storage 258 or 256 ?

  • Denver

12mp selfie camera???

  • Gote

219 grs????????

  • Thomasarboles

Let me guess:

-No HDMI out (usbc 3.0)
-60hz refresh rate


Farhang Komad, 22 Aug 2019What about price? EU 450-500 during the China launch.

What about price?

gaaron, 13 Aug 2019fk no sd card ultimate sht!!! why is this happening?...just buy the 512GB version...

IQOO Neo generates enough heat for a BBQOO. I'm sure the Pro can heat up better. Maybe microwave?

  • gaaron

fk no sd card ultimate sht!!! why is this happening?...

  • moonknite

i want dis

I'm interested, how much?