vivo NEX 3 will retain its audio jack

Ro, 13 August 2019

Even though the vivo NEX 3 shapes up to be an innovative powerhouse with a waterfall curved screen and perhaps an under-display front-facing camera, the handset will also carry the beloved 3.5mm audio jack.

vivo NEX 3 will have an audio jack

vivo's product manager, Li Xiang, officially confirmed that the handset won't be ditching the legacy audio port - something even Samsung did with its latest Galaxy Note10+.

We expect the device to be announced later this year and we can't wait to see what vivo has been cooking.

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Reader comments

My friend first phone with underdisplay camera will be crappy one. Vivo confirmed it dont expect miracles. And the jack is always cons. Wireless is the future no matter hwats your argue will be.

  • Anonymous

It should be a given that it should not have that. Most features live 10 years at most. This one is overdue to being replaced. It's ridiculous that some phones still offer legacy support. Just buy an adapter you simpletons.

  • Anonymous

Lol, most useless feature ever. If a $0.5 adapter can solve your issue, then you have no issue. Now this particular phone is less waterproofed, slightly bigger just so that to "save" $0.5 from an adapter. Boycott.

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