vivo NEX2 poses for photos, shows off the back screen

Ro, 05 December 2018

While we are waiting for something official from vivo about the NEX S2 (assuming it's going to be called the NEX S2), the handset continues to pop up on various corners of the web. This time the pictures focus mostly on the back side and the camera setup.

vivo NEX S2's back side vivo NEX S2's back side
vivo NEX S2's back side

The NEX S2 doesn't need a front camera - it just uses its secondary screen as a viewfinder and takes selfies with the vastly more capable rear shooter. The ring in the middle houses two camera sensors and one more on each side. It is called Lunar Ring and doubles as a display scale with which you can adjust the intensity level of the beauty effect and the 3D beauty. Note that both modes are different from one another.

A bunch of other NEX S2 prototypes A bunch of other NEX S2 prototypes
A bunch of other NEX S2 prototypes

Yet the new leak contradicts the previous ones as we can clearly see four cameras on the back instead of three and we wonder if the older reports are to be believed.

We might be looking at two different versions - one with four cameras and one with three. The previous NEX did come out in two versions too - NEX S and NEX A.

Finally we learned that the second panel is 5.5" big and the back has an earpiece so that you can use either side for calls.



Reader comments

:) I'm expecting Apple to move their notch to the back ... and everyone then jump onto that too. It's fun watching this game being played out in the techs world.

They are trying to come up with varients of notches till Apple release their next phone. They will start printing that like crazy.

I can't wait for the "iLunar Notch." I'm surprised China OEMs are not waiting for Apple to do it first. They're actually doing something different, what is going on?

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