vivo Pad3 Pro

vivo Pad3 Pro

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  • XBK
  • 20 hours ago

This looks like a good deal...

Does it come with a stylus?

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    • Ender
    • LcR
    • 17 May 2024

    it have gps?

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      • Gustavo
      • 0Zy
      • 11 May 2024

      I have one of these and pubg is not released at 90fps and cod warzone does not work, it does not open the game

        mikk, 27 Apr 2024It's worth it 👍Since you own this pad
        What are prices of all the storage variants?

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          • mikk
          • swH
          • 27 Apr 2024

          Nekomimi, 24 Apr 2024Anyone gets their hand on this device yet? Let me know your... moreIt's worth it 👍

            Anyone gets their hand on this device yet? Let me know your thoughts. I can get this through chinese seller and ship from china.

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              • Anonymous
              • rKu
              • 12 Apr 2024

              Anonymous, 03 Apr 2024Have it fingerprint sensor ?No it does not contain fingertint sensor

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                • TVU
                • 11 Apr 2024

                Anonymous, 03 Apr 2024Have it fingerprint sensor ?no

                  I hope this will be available globally. That dimensity 9300 is a beast. Saw a comparison from tech youtuber name Juan bagnell comparing this with 8g3 rendering 4k video and this dimensity just destroy the 8g3.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 3bj
                    • 03 Apr 2024

                    Have it fingerprint sensor ?

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                      • I@H
                      • 01 Apr 2024


                        until the tab s10 out this vivo pad would be the best performance tab in its category, that d9300 is potent chip; performance throttles easily in small smartphone frame but in this big surface to dissipate heat if they have proper cooling pad that would be ingeniuous... that price too properly priced

                          This Phone is using some interesting Technology like dual finger print and that Si-Ca Battery, u want to see some review testing that dual finger print sensor covered with ugliest tempered glass protection if still works. and hope that new technology battery life span is longer than Li-ion but safe or better safe than Li-Poly.

                            No microsd no buy. I like the 3:2 aspect ratio and 3k display, perfect for reading digital hd comics but the lack of microsd is just a deal breaker for me. I need this kind of display spec with microsd slot, cpu doesn't matter for me mid or hi end.

                            Why only low end 1080p tablet get microsd while mid to hi end tablets are no more. Also Xiaomi, oneplus, no microsd on their tablets. Only samsung still keeping it on their hi end tab S, sadly they are out of reach of my wallet.

                              It's a shame that tablets haven't standardised at least 2 USB ports and expandable storage. The space is not an issue. I hope tabs come with headphone jacks and at least 2 USB ports. If not then some sort of pogo pin dock/case pinout at the back like Moto Mods to add functionality like extra battery, active cooling, and specialized ports like HDMI, and DP to make streaming easier without having to worry about your one and only USB C port getting loose or just breaking. (Which, USB C is only good when compared to Micro USB btw, as it is otherwise a garbage design, but let us not digress).

                              Also I bet this tab will probably never come to India.

                                380 euros is like 410 USD. That's a massive steal and W if you import it. D9300, 16GB of RAM with 66W charging even with a massive 13 inch display and 2060p display, D9300 will able to handle it with monster GPU capable of ray tracing

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • HBD
                                  • 27 Mar 2024

                                  Flagship chip for €380?!? That's kinda a steal

                                    Teacher Aaron, 27 Mar 2024Does the Vivo Pad 3 Pro have video out?It has USB Type-C 3.2, so yeah, it'll support video out

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                                      • iwil
                                      • txF
                                      • 27 Mar 2024

                                      Good price.

                                        Does the Vivo Pad 3 Pro have video out?