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vivo S1 Pro

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Wow about android 12 update but not cup of tea
Performance effected specially when i unlock phone using finger print it has delay in appearing status bar and navigation keys, it pisses me off when ever i am in hurry.. i am waiting for update for fixing this problem..

  • Anonymous

if you have been using this phone for gaming, especially codm, they will be extremely laggy in br and mp matches frame rate.

  • bibin

not available battery

  • Anonymous


I am using this phone from 2020 & it's working absolutely fine.

  • Ali

Using this phone since last two years. Zero problem so far. Wonderful device by vivo

  • saumya

Hammad Masud, 07 Apr 2022Hi is anybody using this phone in 2022? Can y'all tel... morei am using this phone since feb 2020 its amazin paisa vasool phone, i dont find any problem so far

Hi is anybody using this phone in 2022?
Can y'all tell me how it has held up bcz i want to buy this phone
And can someone tell the problems that this phone has?

  • Anonymous

My phone restarting while using... Video, WhatsApp, FB, Telegram, and Twitter.

  • Anonymous

Has, 08 Jan 2022I reset phone 7 times now wifi and sim not working can anyb... moreDon't buy any mobiles without knowing about that model, i think u have bought it in online, mostly it would be a second handed, so its not working for u.

  • Musthafa

My phone restarting while using... Video and wa

  • JP

Can I know how to set a ringtone for a particular contact am unable to find that option.

  • Random

Don't buy this freaking phone

  • Tejuu

Nice phone

  • Has

I reset phone 7 times now wifi and sim not working can anybody have solution for this

  • DJD

Not compatible with US networks. Always 2G only. Disappointed.

  • Yasir

I have a problem in my vivo s 1 pro fault 2 months ago every caller lission his vice on his cell phone.

  • Aadil

Anonymous, 26 May 2021How long can you guys use your s1 pro before it drains go 2... more1.5 day it can be held till 100 to 20 percent charge


low class camera quality

  • D4L3scorch

snwesh, 09 Jan 2021vivo s1 pro cannot control brightness levels while on game playdisable lock brightness in ultra game mode

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021Realme 6 had a better prossecerRealme becomes hot in this way vivo is best with ultra game mode