vivo S9

vivo S9

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  • Dave

It has google play and it does not have 3.5mm jack. I just wish this phone would come as vivo v21 pro even of it's with dimensity 900 chipset.

  • Anoop

josh, 26 Mar 2021the only real fault in this phone is the lack of 3.5 mm jac... moreAny body clear me 3.5 Jack working plz

  • Anonymous

Does it have Google Play? I am thinking of buying one, but I need Play.

  • dave

please does any one outside China have this phone

That's has Dual LED Flash on the front camera

  • John Andrew

Vivo did really well by using the Mediatek Dimensity 1100 chipset in the smartphone. Also, the front camera is just brilliant.

  • cj

how can vivo do this,pls to a global sell

  • sayabosanhidup

Rk100, 03 Mar 2021Excellent device but the notch is a huge disappointment, th... moreis nt it obvious dude that if u want a punch
hole design there r other models to choose

and this phone is for those
who like this kind of notch

  • josh

the only real fault in this phone is the lack of 3.5 mm jack and micro SD card support

  • dick

gsm arena pls,I am hoping on you guys to review this one please

  • wagg

Good main SELFIE CAMERA, but ultrawide selfie camera is useless. Putting a the second selfie camera ends up with big north at the top. This device has a 64 MP main camera, but no 4k 60ps video recording. I think the soc can't support it.

  • Anonymous

dungdrtn, 03 Mar 2021No tele cam? :u have to buy X60 for getting tele cam

  • Ulhaqpak

Bezels look cool

  • Anonymous

Shadi Radaideh, 03 Mar 2021Android phone with a notch in 2021 ? Pretty weird isn'... moreYeah, I was thinking the same. This phone's notch, while seems out of place in 2021, still manages to be pretty. I think it's because it's a smaller notch. iPhone's notch looks ugly since it's so humongous compared to other phones nowadays.

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2021i was expected to see some professional triple selfie cam ... moreWhat do you mean? This phone has a 64MP main sensor with OIS.

More exciting stuff this time 🤩

  • Parham

really good looking, i like these notches
i think it'll be the best

  • Anonymous

370$ for a phone with

6nm chipset with close performance to sd865
173gr (very light weight)
7.4mm (very thin)
Camera with OIS
5.2 blutooth

so Not bad for 370$
but anyway Exynos 1080 have better performance than both Dimensity 1100, 1200

u can find it in phones like Vivo X60, X60 pro with higher price than vivo s9

Excellent device but the notch is a huge disappointment, that is mainly because I know Vivo is very capable of a hole punch like the X60. Other than that, very good looking device with a powerful and exciting processor.

Android phone with a notch in 2021 ?
Pretty weird isn't it ?
But not gonna lie it does look much better and more premium than iphone's notch