vivo teases the NEX 3 with new customizable camera UI

Ro, 07 September 2019

We are just a little over a week away from the unveiling of the vivo NEX 3, but the general product manager of vivo just can't stop teasing the phone. This time around, he's boasting about the NEX 3's default camera app.

Screenshots from the new camera UI Screenshots from the new camera UI Screenshots from the new camera UI
Screenshots from the new camera UI

He wrote a post on Weibo saying that the upcoming NEX smartphone will come with a new camera UI that can be almost fully customized. From what we've gathered, you can choose which functions and icons to show up on the viewfinder. Or re-arrange the shooting modes depending on how you use your camera.

And judging by the screenshots he shared, there are a lot of modes to go over.

We wonder if this new UI will make it to other vivo devices or will remain a NEX exclusive.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I respect vivo, but part of this dates back to old phones, even Sony's old camera UI could be customized. Also, lots of third party apps offer huge customizability. Snap Camera comes first to my mind.

The nex series rocks, judging by the last phone they launched which had the first motorized Pop up camera and the vibrating earphone, they will blast the market with new tech yet again

  • stieren.rt372

What about the speakers of the phone. Volume speaker Audio quality What about all that

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