vivo unveils BlueImage branding for its camera tech, likely to debut with the vivo X100 Ultra

Peter, 23 April 2024

vivo unveiled "BlueImage" brand today, which will encompass the imaging technology that it is developing and is likely to make its debut with the upcoming vivo X100 Ultra. "Blue" is used in a lot of vivo branding, a cheeky nod at the "Blue Factory" nickname that is used in certain circles.

More details will follow soon (likely as the launch of the Ultra nears), but BlueImage will include technologies like the V-series of imaging chips. The first one was introduced in late 2021 and the latest, the vivo V3 is used in the X100 series of phones. It’s not just the chip, vivo is developing its own image processing algorithms too.

vivo unveils BlueImage branding for its camera tech, likely to debut with the vivo X100 Ultra

BlueImage will tackles common photography woes like taking photos with the light behind your subject, low-light imaging, including when using the telephoto lens, group shots and more.

The company is extending its partnership with Zeiss and will continue to co-develop lenses for its phones. The vivo-Zeiss cooperation will “will enter a new chapter”, promises Jia Jingdong, vivo’s VP in charge of Branding and marketing.

The vivo X100 Ultra was described by a company executive as a “professional camera that can make calls”. It is rumored to use a 1/0.98” Sony Lytia LYT-900 (50MP) and a 100mm (4.3x) periscope with a 200MP sensor.

vivo has a series of blue-themed projects. For example, BlueOS (aka Blue River OS) is in the early stages of development and features a custom kernel (i.e. it’s not an Android clone). There’s also the Blue Ocean battery tech that is used in the X100 phones and more.

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Reader comments

  • isochi
  • 25 Apr 2024
  • X%b

Damn the camera setup is overkill v3 chip with their own blueimage processing and zeiss lense, primary 50MP LYT-900 and 200mp periscope x100 pro is already a tough competition

  • Aamer
  • 24 Apr 2024
  • U{B

Agreed, only Sony captures the images as it should be. With most of new AI cameras, pics are like oil painting when zoomed too much

So far this looks to be pretty promising and I don't doubt it'll live up to its "professional camera" claim, but if there's one ongoing complaint with most smartphones' cameras except for Sony, it would be the amount of ...

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