vivo V11 (V11 Pro)

vivo V11 (V11 Pro)

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  • Dan

nurburgring, 30 Dec 2020works normally Thanks

  • nurburgring

Dan, 17 Dec 2020How accurate is the in-display fingerprint scanner after updates?works normally

  • Dan

How accurate is the in-display fingerprint scanner after updates?

  • Dan

How well does Funtouch OS handle international apps? Have you experienced any app crashes and apps that won't run properly?

  • Salman

Just upgraded the Firmware to 10, Battery hold charge perfectly, never charged over 90% Wifi works perfectly.
using Dual sim from the beginning, charges very fast. a big fan of AMOLED.
very happy with this Purchase .

  • Makoy

Mark libay, 23 Sep 2020After updating to the latest os version i had some issues l... moreYes me too. When using camera angles playing videos with real images it flickers my screen

  • Dinesh

Overall good experience after use 2 year
Problem 1 battery back up only 5 to 7 hours.

  • Gothaman512

Updates my Vivo11 pro to Android 10, its all awesome, connecting to wifi was slow from the last Android now its blazing fast, got no issue with touch in fingerprint display I believe its better then ever and now fun touch looks better and near Android stock now with tones of customize and dynamic effect. Makes my phone like a 2020 midrange. If vivo is still gonna give us Android 11 near the future, I'll be amazed and forever a fan! 😎

  • Asfand

After the update to Android 10 my phone vivo v11 pro fingerprint scanner does not work ...very bad update ...plz recover this in the next update

  • Lex

jsagarshivaji, 25 Sep 2020Phone was working great like day it's being 2 years ne... moreYeah after the upgrade to Android 10, somehow I feel that the touch rate became slower hence, a feeling that the phone got lagging issues. But OS and graphics wise, it's cool. Aside from the upgrade, after 2 years still worth the money

  • Hunnykiller

Bought this phone oct 2018 and its running superb got andoid 10 few days back
All i can say this phone worth all
Just now after this long time battery is getting slow i have to charge twice
As i am a heavy user

  • jsagarshivaji

Phone was working great like day it's being 2 years never had issues and now today updated to Android 10 and now it lagging and behaving like redmi or realme phone

  • Janka

After 2 years use it would be kind of time to look for a new phone but since VIVO 11 pro never had any issues and now running Android 10, it doesn't really make sense to replace it. Even the battery doesn't show any obvious downgrade.

  • Mark libay

After updating to the latest os version i had some issues like screen flickering sometimes it totally blackedout but confusing because it only happens when im using facebook and games like call of duty and pubg. is there anyone who had the same problem here? Let me know

  • Sonu

I didn't get Android 10 update in my Vivo v11pro Smartphone till 27th of August 2020..

When will it come....??????

  • David

finally i got android 10 for vivo v11 pro today,, 🙏

why my vivo (v11) cannot be use in google meet?

  • Priya

Bright Zee, 25 Jun 2020Sad to hear about your phone prob5.. But it's very surprise... moreI hv been using this phone since dec 2018..
Till today i didnt found any problm
Camera calarity is awsm...
No hanging and no lacking...
I m fully satisfied...
Thaxx VIVO .....

  • InnerPeace

I can still remember, I bought Vivo V11 Pro last November 29, 2018. I don't have any problem at all, I installed a lot of application but there is no lagging, also the camera was still perfect, I don't have any reason to buy other phone, as of now I am still buying accessories for Vivo V11 Pro just like cool covers and other! Perfect phone!

  • Leakhon

I have been using this phone(V11 pro) since June 2018. But the performance is still same. No lacking, no hanging & camera performance is just awesome. Only the battery performance little weak. But I'm satisfied with this phone.