vivo V15 Pro shines in a leaked TV commercial

Yordan, 06 February 2019

The pop-up selfie camera seen in the vivo NEX is coming back on February 20. This is when vivo will announce the V15 Pro officially, but we’ve already seen plenty of leaked images and specs.

The latest bit of info that slipped out of vivo’s marketing department is a TV ad highlighting the rising motion of the selfie camera, which is said to be 32 MP.

If you haven’t been convinced by the raising kettle, violin, fork, sandwich or a ball, you should know the ad is about a pop-up camera from the lyrics of the song “flying so high, make it pop, bring it to the top”. The short video ends with the power slogan “World’s First 32 MP Pop-up Selfie Camera” and confirming the February 20 date once again.

Whether the camera really yields 32 MP pictures is a bit questionable. It is likely with the Samsung Isocell GD1 sensor with pixel sizes of just 0.8 μm. This means we’ll see 4-in-1 pixel binning, effectively giving you 8MP selfies most of the time.


Reader comments

  • spasiba

Just make Oneplus 7 simmilar and it is success

Usb c, nfc, and get rid of that ugly and non-functional OS that cant disable apps nor search in setting, like seriously?

  • Mark

Yes it's 4500 Mah