vivo V20 2021

vivo V20 2021

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  • Anonymous

this phone has fast processing while loading in game..but the graphic sometimes vivo y50 run without lag with the same game but 1 to 3 sec slower while loading in game..the sound just okay not to low and not to high..

  • khadim hussain baloc

There is auto call recording in all the new cells comming frim vivo.What is the reson so for? Any body will give update for the auto call recording, which is the great need of the days.

  • Sunny Chechi

Ranjith Kumar, 11 Apr 2021Is android 11 upgradable or notYes, Android 11 upgrade is available.

  • jay

cant wait to bu it.

  • Ranjith Kumar

Is android 11 upgradable or not

Misha, 08 Feb 2021It's been about a month since using the Vivo V20 2021 ... morei have to ask this. if you post a photo or screenshot or video in any social medias, does the quality of the media good? or it becomes poor? like so blur or something?

Frosty, 12 Jan 2021Used this phone for almost 3 weeks now, can say this phone ... moreYour So Wrong, the 730 snadragon iis not as powerful as the 720g which is made for gaming etc the 2020 version is way better, then this , its more of a Downgrade .

Buy the Vivo V20, 2020 version it has a more a Powerful CPU, 720G is way better then the 730G in the 2021 model , its more of a Downgrade...

  • Jamuna Shanmugam

Last week I bought Vivo v20 2021, when I using WhatsApp call the mobile was very heating and some one call the WhatsApp vedio call if I attend the call the video will be blank after that only I saw the opposite caller picture so i am very disappointed so now what I do

  • Sunny Chechi

denzel, 06 Mar 2021pls does vivo v20 2021 have a higher memory variant of 256Yes, there is separate 128 and 256 GB.

  • Shijoy

Misha, 13 Jan 2021Sounds like a worthwhile phone if one is interested in the ... moreSound quality of VIVO V20 2021 is very poor. when it connect to headphone jacket or Bluetooth sound bar for hearing songs , its very bad when compared to samsung or sony phone

  • denzel

pls does vivo v20 2021 have a higher memory variant of 256

  • jude

pls does v20 2021 make use of funtouch 11 or origin os

  • Anonymous

Karim Maged, 01 Feb 2021Does it support multi users "Add users and guests"?!Yes it does

  • Misha

It's been about a month since using the Vivo V20 2021 , overall very good. The battery lasts long ( whole day gaming and only drains at the end of the day ), the speakers sound like stereo speakers not mono. The graphics are nice, doesn't heat up really badly. Has an accessibility feature but quite sad the vivo store has nothing that is free. Cheapest themes are RM2. Overall refresh rate is quite fast. Photos are clear but it's quite weird because when snapping a photo via whatsapp, there seems to be a lag ( maybe due to resolution and resizing ). Games don't actually lag unless it's the gaming server itself so I am thoroughly satisfied.

  • Sunny Chechi

Karim Maged, 01 Feb 2021Does it support multi users "Add users and guests"?!Yes, it should be as it a feature of Android 8+

  • Karim Maged

Does it support multi users "Add users and guests"?!

  • Sunny Chechi

raju singh, 22 Jan 2021vivo v20 2021 can does support 5g network?No, its does not support 5GB. But it will support 4g+(4.5G) near future

  • Kariage

V20 2020 > V20 2021 because 720G > 730

  • raju singh

vivo v20 2021 can does support 5g network?