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  • Atts

Faseeh1498, 19 Oct 2021I got a security update. Should I update it? Are there any ... moreThere are tons of glitches do not update

I got a security update. Should I update it? Are there any glitches?

  • Osama

annevidena, 04 Oct 2021How is the phone's performance? I was torn between Viv... moreBoth are almost 98percent same

  • Mmmeiik

Ive been using it for a month now, the only thing i can think of is battery consumption, 8 to 9hrs of constant gaming(which i dont understand why it isnt enough for u), but im not even bothered cuz it takes around 30 to 45 mins to get it filled back up and maybe general size of the phone, other than that, everyother thing is good or even great. Maybe the problems u are facing is where u bought the phone from. Has a very good processor and a RAM of about 11gb,

  • Anonymous

tried observing my phone battery life for hours: started 5:59am at 80%
I was only using google meet app and this phone was purchased 9th of oct
6:45 68% 6:57 64%, 7:06 62% 7:21 58% 7:28 57%, 7:40 53%, 8:31 31%, 10:03 26%
recharged my phone until 11:03 battery 100% 11:35 90%, 11:52 86%, 12:25 77% 12:44 71%,
1:34pm 61% 2:06pm 56%, and ended 3:05pm at 39%...

  • Alex

Hello Guys, i want to ask you guys about this phone. I am thinking of buying this and i want you guys to tell me about your experience of this phone. Please tell me about
1. Display brightness(outdoors)
2. Battery life
3. Back Camera
4. Speaker output
5. Processor
6. User Experience
Please, be truthfull because i am seroiusly thinking to buy this

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2021What issue facing? I charged my mobile And 1 percent battery low every 30 mints. I don't know why vivo v21e did this

  • Anonymous

Ajoi, 11 Sep 2021Facing the same issue man . Just bought the phone a week now . What issue facing?

  • annevidena

How is the phone's performance? I was torn between Vivo V21e and Vivo V20. I would like to know the following:
- Battery
- Lagging issues
- Slow Performance
- Gaming Experience
- Multi-window / Multi-tasking
- Charging (how fast)
- Camera (How good)

Please answer...

mini series is what is need of time 5.4” screen, light weight like pixel 4a, decent processor & decent pricing. At present is no android phones in this line and this will be great boon for elders.

  • Vishnu

Gee, 24 Sep 2021How's the camera performace? It`s good in day light condition.

  • Gee

How's the camera performace?

  • anonymous

Superb, awesome phone!

  • Anonymous

The bestest thing about this phone is that beautiful diamond flare colorway.

  • Anonymous

Does its back camera supports 4k video eis stabilization?

  • Anonymous

We need 45 watt fast charging and 4600 mah in next Vivo V series!

  • Anonymous

My problem for that phone is the battery it's only 4000 mah, yes battery charging is very fast, but can't use it for long term

  • Zeeshan

A R M A N, 12 Sep 2021Thanks almighty Allah, at least one good review I found in ... moreUsing it last 40 days,
I love its camera

  • Alex

I don't like punch hole selfie cam that much. I do prefer water drop, like in Vivo V21e. I like slim and compact sized phone like Vivo V21. But 4000 mah is so so small and outdated. I hope next Vivo V series will have up to 4500 mah and priced thus, with same hardware. At least increasing its slim body to 7.8 inches is still good

  • A R M A N

food, 06 Sep 2021Just bought the phone yesterday, so far so good, played gam... morewhat about it's selfie camera result and it's bck camera result??