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Anonymous, 31 Dec 2022why?its got throttling cpu and amoled display.
it isnt a good combination since amoled is prone to heat🔥🔥

    Shhazeb, 14 Jan 2023I was the user of samsung S series but unfortunately i move... morebuy a phone with snapdragon.
    they run better in snapchat. let alone cringetok. it can run on any devices. even with mt6580, 6750, helio p35, etc..

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      • Shhazeb
      • 6p{
      • 14 Jan 2023

      I was the user of samsung S series but unfortunately i moved to vivo v23e bought box pack phone used normal but when i started using snapchat and tiktok its being hanging again n again i had bad experience with vivo so guys dont waste your money on these vivo samsung and iphon is best

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        • Anonymous
        • CDc
        • 31 Dec 2022

        duckyduck, 16 Apr 2022Don't buy this device why?

          • S
          • Sandy
          • KSe
          • 18 Dec 2022

          I'll try to open camera phone will be hanging and closed camera my phone was new one , I just buy last week solution pls anybody facing this problem

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            • Ashis07
            • gML
            • 06 Dec 2022

            When I transferred 2.7K GoPro clips on Vivo V23e mobile phone.. it did not support the format.. It's quite painful because I do all my YouTube editing on mobile... It quite a shame on this big brand.. I am regretting.

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              • Asif
              • u1v
              • 16 Nov 2022

              Anonymous, 15 Nov 2022It runs on Android 12 out of the box.Will it get android 13 and 14?
              I have V23e 4G.

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                • Anonymous
                • uvr
                • 15 Nov 2022

                Asif, 14 Oct 2022Will it get Android 12?It runs on Android 12 out of the box.

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                  • Asif
                  • uWL
                  • 14 Oct 2022

                  Will it get Android 12?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • yTi
                    • 18 Sep 2022

                    Pogsit , 31 Aug 2022As usual, expensive piece of crap phone. Why r u facing these problems

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 7km
                      • 31 Aug 2022

                      Xin, 26 Jan 2022Hi Guys, seeking for your precious opinion. Compare Vivo V... morev23e is 5g phone

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                        • Pogsit
                        • K7i
                        • 31 Aug 2022

                        As usual, expensive piece of crap phone.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • ki$
                          • 24 Aug 2022

                          It's charging time and camera is great overall it works pretty smooth but I'm facing camera issue on Snapchat only whenever I take picture with front camera on Snapchat my picture gets shrink (zoom out) does anyone facing the same issue or have any idea why this problem is occurring plus I tried to reinstall thee app and reboot the device but the problem is still there

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Q}4
                            • 16 Aug 2022

                            why my voice is not going to other person on video calls but my phone mic is working on voice calls and recording is anyone have idea how to resolve this issue

                              • M
                              • Mansoor khan
                              • PVt
                              • 16 Aug 2022

                              This is a perfect phone on this price. It works really well. And runs all apps, games smoothie. Because of Having 8 gb ram no lagging problems. Plus point is a flash charger which charge the battery fully in 45,50 minutes. Conclusion this is a best and great choice in this price.

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                                • Hussein
                                • uZH
                                • 11 Aug 2022

                                Why gsmare na mentioned 4k video there is no 4k support in this mobile only 1080p front and back.

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                                  • Huzaifa Shabir
                                  • X@S
                                  • 10 Aug 2022

                                  Great phone for its price. 50,000 RS is literally nothing but the camera quality is very good. Even at 10x zoom text readability is good and due to the 8GB RAM, apps open instantly, games run smoothly, and best of all is that the fingerprint is on screen so it's way easier to open compared to a side button or a back fingerprint. But the con here is that you need an adapter to connect headphones, but the adapter is included in the box. It uses a Type-C cable for charging, and I got some good-quality headphones along with it. I got the sunshine golden color and it has three shades too. If we look at the phone from the right, it gives a pink color and from the left side, it gives a blue color. The back is not made of glass but is made of aluminum and gives a satisfying texture. The flashlight is very bright and is noticeable even in broad daylight. The sides are also made of aluminum but have a smooth texture. The phone comes with a case as well, it is transparent and also has a dust protective cover for the charging port.

                                  It is a great phone overall considering its price, it has almost the same features as the iPhone 13 pro max, but is 6x cheaper than the 13 Pro Max. Like literally, 50,000 is nothing nowadays.

                                  This was just according to my experience and my preference,

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                                    • Tanzeel
                                    • X}$
                                    • 23 Jul 2022

                                    Anonymous, 08 Jul 2022Not a good phone at all.I have bought few days back.The cam... moreI buy this mobile,I mfully satisfied,cam results superior,

                                      • R
                                      • Rizwan
                                      • XWx
                                      • 21 Jul 2022

                                      I buy this phone two weeks ago I'm not satisfy in this phone the screen quality not good sound quality very bad this phone quality look like 30000 RS but the actual price around 50000 RS

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • QwR
                                        • 08 Jul 2022

                                        Not a good phone at all.I have bought few days back.The camera quality is very poor and there are some other complications in it.Totally I have wasted my hard earned money.