vivo V5 Lite (vivo 1609)

vivo V5 Lite (vivo 1609)

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  • Anonymous

Best budget phone
Battery is much much more better then other phone
No lag still smooth
Best !!!
Don't trust another who say this is a bad phone

  • Reddy

Bought it for my wife in 2018, Phone still running smooth. Best thing about this phone is the battery. Much better battery life than other phones.

  • Anonymous

How to batter power

  • Last 3

The last 3 people below are stupid.
Do you have calendar with you?
Of course it’s not a gaming phone. I’ll give you money go buy some brain.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2021Very stopped working prosser and very over heat and very st... moreyes dont buy this phone.....its not a gamimg phone.......

  • Anonymous

Ashish, 24 Mar 2021I used this cellphone......there is heating problem in that... moreVery stopped working prosser and very over heat and very stopped phone please don't buy this phone

  • Hello

Ashish, 24 Mar 2021I used this cellphone......there is heating problem in that... moreYea bro heating is problem

  • Ruru

Don't buy this, it's a waste of money.

  • Ashish

I used this cellphone......there is heating problem in that worst cellphone ....

  • Mani

Does Vivo 1609 support HP 32gb micro SD HC memory card

  • S.s

Is their any new software update

  • Anonymous

I been using my vivo v5 lite for almost 3yrs, just wanna ask if the memory is expandable since most of the time it always hang, log.

  • Anonymous

I've been using this model 1609 since 2017, so far i have no problem for its baterry life its still performing well with data or wifi on, the only problem is the sensor. Fingerprint lock/unlock stopped working and I opted to turn it off and use only sa password mode. I don't know whats wrong.

  • Jasim

Vivo V5 lite user, 04 Aug 2020Why the OTG doesn't workGo to settings. Then turn on otg..

  • Tasikmalaya03

vivo v5 lite cant do upgrade OS?
i really need upgrade to os7😢

  • Vivo V5 lite user

Why the OTG doesn't work

  • Mac2006

I am using this phone since 2017. The advantage of this phone is simple and easy to use. But it still has many disadvantage like lack of fingerprint sensor in this price range, lack of OS upgrade, buggy OS (come with Funtouch 3.0), multi-window feature even cant open properly. I will replace this phone soon because of its laggy performance, buggy and old OS. For my experience, it hangs when I was using GPS to drive in strange place before. I am forced to stop the car to restart my phone.

  • Sumit

Since last 2year no update available in my phone

  • Nik

I am not able to download apps

  • bulldog

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2018How do we operate screenshotspress home + power button