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  • 02 Sep 2022

i used v5+ for 5 year. not any problem (not service etc) until last year i bought a new battery for the first time and last week lcd problem. i think v5+ is the best.

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    • YMw
    • 14 Aug 2022

    i had buy this phone it is perfect but after 3.5 years its back camera pixel start tearing and now its 4 year this phone starts getting switch off anytime and its battery level goes down every year .its camera is amazing but if u r trying it tooooo buy for 3 - 4 years then it is perfect .now after 4 years it totally stop working .

      shubhh, 16 Jul 2022this phoen really got a solid build quality aslo good proce... moreVivo V5 Plus was the last metal built phone of the V series. What we forget is it is better known as Vivo X9 in China. So X series is premium series and the phone shows.

      I have been using the phone since last 5 years as my primary device and it still works like charm. Great built quality, awesome call reception quality, still reasonably quick with 100 installed apps. With no gaming and phone still lasts for a day on a single charge.

      I have never used such a dependable phone in my life. Basically my V5 Plus had been left powered on for last 5 years with daily manual reboots in between.

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        • shubhh
        • HsJ
        • 16 Jul 2022

        this phoen really got a solid build quality aslo good processor and camera

          Lon, 31 Jul 2021How is the condition of the volume and power button of your... moreAbsolutely fine.

          I seldom use the physical power & volume keys on my Vivo V5Plus. As such they are working as good as new. I unlock the phone using the fingerprint scanner and then double tap to lock the phone. Hence almost zero use of power key. For power off & rebooting of the device, options are available in the phone's Control Centre dock. I use them.

          When enjoying multimedia, the volume slider on the Control Centre for all apps help me. Plus the default music player has volume controls built in. My V5Plus is still operating like a champ with 100 installed apps. The fluidness in UI have somewhat slowed in last 4 years with occasion stutters as recent apps grow even more power hungry.

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            • y6W
            • 31 Jul 2021

            RishiGuru, 09 Jul 2021Me too!!! Still my primary daily driver for last 4 years... moreHow is the condition of the volume and power button of your Vivo V5 plus now?

            Mine was recently stop working a week ago and when I opened the back aluminum frame of my unit, I discovered that the rubber pads attached behind the buttons were just wore off after 4 years. Then I just manually repair it by replacing the rubber pads with alternative rubber and VIOLA! its now working perfectly and just the same as before it stop working.

              Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021Still using Vivo V5 Plus, bought in March 2017 hahaMe too!!!

              Still my primary daily driver for last 4 years. Great phone, great build quality and great product quality. Still provides 1 day battery life under normal usage and fast charging as usual. Excellent call quality, dedicated audio DAC for good sound quality over headphone jack. The efficient SD625 built on 14nm process & 4GB LPDDR3 RAM still handles almost all apps with ease bar heavy games.

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                • Kik
                • 08 Jul 2021

                RishiGuru, 18 Jan 2021Good question. Smartphone manufacturers are gradually killi... moreStill using Vivo V5 Plus, bought in March 2017 haha

                  Jay, 14 Jan 2021Why is there no SD card slot?!!Good question. Smartphone manufacturers are gradually killing memory expansion option so as to charge more for a higher internal memory version. Or else you will always buy the model with lowest internal memory and increase the memory with microSD card.

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                    • 14 Jan 2021

                    Why is there no SD card slot?!!

                      Zrell, 22 Dec 2020Thank you for the information!You are most welcome. Another finding after the latest OTA update is the availability of Android’s ‘Nearby Share’ file sharing feature on Control Center. With this it will finally be slightly easier to share files, images, links, and other content between Vivo V5 Plus and other Android devices.

                      Changes observed after update:
                      1) Android’s ‘Nearby Share’ is now available in Control Center
                      2) Vivo's Music Player updated (ver.
                      3) Vivo's Video Player updated (ver.
                      4) Updated Vivo's V-Appstore
                      5) Updated Vivo's Browser

                      I really like the updates on music & video players.

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                        • Zrell
                        • tu6
                        • 22 Dec 2020

                        RishiGuru, 21 Dec 2020After reading your post I checked and yes there is a new OT... moreThank you for the information!

                          Sonu KKC, 19 Dec 2020After so many month just now i recived system update of 113... moreAfter reading your post I checked and yes there is a new OTA update available, strangely after one whole year.

                          Update Version: vivo rev 3.70.3
                          Size: 112.43 MB
                          Change Log : Improved system security

                          BEFORE OTA UPDATE:
                          FuntouchOS Version: 3.1
                          Android Version: 7.1.2 (Nougat)
                          Android security patch: Oct, 2019
                          Software Version: PD1624F_EX_A_3.13.1

                          AFTER OTA UPDATE:
                          FuntouchOS Version: 3.1
                          Android Version: 7.1.2 (Nougat)
                          Android security patch: Oct, 2019
                          Software Version: PD1624F_EX_A_3.70.3

                          Conclusion: One thing for sure, their is no Android security patch updates, it still remains on Oct, 2019. However it seems Vivo have updated their default Music app, Vivo Browser & Vivo own V-Appstore. I do use their Music app but the other two have zero impact on my daily routine. Seems Vivo have upgraded their Appstore and is more secure.

                          Please do let me know if you see any more changes which I have missed.

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                            • Sonu KKC
                            • 7kf
                            • 19 Dec 2020

                            After so many month just now i recived system update of 113 mb version 3.70.3. Just littel bit security enhaced.

                              Dharshu, 10 Dec 2020I felt good nice ,i used for 4 years almost gonna be 5 year... moreGreat phone. I remember this phone initially got launched in India on Jan, 2017 at a crazy high price of INR 28,000. I was very skeptical at that time, the phone was great but pricing was wrong. Ten months down in Oct, 2017 the price fell like stone with big discounts from online retailers during Diwali. Compelled me to buy Vivo V5Plus at INR 14,000, half the launch price.

                              From then on V5Plus have remained my primary daily driver for 3+ years. I will continue using it for at-least two more years. The product quality, build quality & design is exemplary for its price and this is mainly because V5Plus used the same parts bin of their flagship Vivo XPlay6. It is a well known fact that manufactures share parts between models to be more cost effective.

                              However during the last quarter of 2016, Vivo introduced three phones Xplay6, X9 Plus & X9 at the same Chinese launch event. All three of them were sharing many common internal components and tooling machinery. This is why X9 have identical construction & build quality of their flagship Xplay6. All of their external body construction machinery and materials used were same. This is ultra rare in a INR 14,000 segment phone.

                              Later, Vivo launched the X9 globally as V5Plus. Only X9's OLED display was swapped for a cheaper LCD in V5Plus, rest remained the same. It is on this basis of high build quality that V5Plus have stood so long and its ahead of time Snapdragon 625 built on 14nm process have been very kind on the battery. Even in 2020, we have Mediatek Helios G95 in Realme 7 using 12nm process so the technology is still somewhat relevant even today.

                              To me V5Plus's sand blasted all metal, flagship grade body stands out in terms of looks and in-hand feel compared to similarly priced plastic bodied phones. It is very pocket able, slim phone, still have one day battery life under heavy usage, very robust Dual SIM modem implementation, excellent call quality, rock stable SMS app and a dependable front facing fingerprint scanner. A dedicated AKM AK4375 audio chip takes care of my audio needs on the go while 18 watts fast charging is a welcome when needed. To me this is the phone to go for when you I am outdoors and in work. In home I juggle between many other recent huge screen phones for multimedia consumption and gaming.

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                                • Dharshu
                                • tZ0
                                • 10 Dec 2020

                                I felt good nice ,i used for 4 years almost gonna be 5 years soon ,camera still awsome

                                  babydiablo, 23 Nov 2020No Update. 😭😭😭Bro this phone was released back in 2016 in China. Wake up and don't expect any updates after 4 years from launch for a mid tier phone.

                                    No Update. 😭😭😭

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                                      • XSu
                                      • 06 Nov 2020

                                      Hard factory reset leads data lose so i dont want to do that

                                        Venky, 03 Nov 2020I am facing heavy battery drainage since past one month, so... morePerform a full hard factory reset. If this solves the issue, great. Else change the battery.