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  • Ayabanana

I just got a 2nd hand V5S works well for me as an extra phone. Been using this device for about 2 weeks already. I had no issue at all.

  • Drake

Been using Vivo V5s since 2017 and its work well though i have a new phone but i still using my V5s always.

  • Baby

Been using this phone since 2017 and it is still working just fine. Thumbs up!

  • Anonymous

shablossom, 18 Aug 2021I am VIVO V5s user, and still using it until now. I have no... moreMe too

  • shablossom

I am VIVO V5s user, and still using it until now. I have no problem with the phone because since I bought it in 2017, until now it works properly.. dont have any problem at all..still love VIVO even the prise cheaper than any other worth it.
Before this, I'm using Samsung S4 and Noted 8, the problem with the device is the batery. Always overheat and auto shut down. After became Vivo user, I'm love with it and will stay with the brand. The price is very reasonable with the good specs compare to other brands.

  • Sachin

What is screen refresh rate

  • Vivo v5s

5years using this phone never had any problem,and im still using until now and still working perfectly fine.Camera is great speaker is great even battery.Truly worth it.

  • John

Dont try to buy this kind of will get suffer because of low specs...specially when it comes to will be automatic closed the apps...its not good at all...choose samsung even its old the device still have goodfunction...

  • Really an unique exp

Really an unique experience


•doesn't overheats(expect while gaming).
•even having 3000mah it satisfies basic day needs.
•great display (at that time)
•fun touch os make it the next level
•MT6750 even having 28nm it breaks it's limits


•bad at high end gaming
•throttles at multiple tasks
•sometimes battery may drain quickly than usual

One thousand three hundred and ninety five days *1 3 9 5* + still counting

doesn't have any issue (some minor issues which may be ignored)

VIVO was making great products which was really underrated

BBK electronics really does an impressive electronic materials helps in making a better world :)

H A P P Y W O R L D :)


i'm Very happy with my old brand and New look Smartphone. Last 3 years not a single Complaint only now Battery need to slow.

  • Hec B.

Mine's been running for 3 years now, although not really a gaming phone, I can still play some MOBA (at low specs) and also played COD with it. It has been through a lot of abuse, fell several times, got wet in the rain, fell into a tub full of water. I already have a new phone but I can't let this one go because it has sentimental value to me, aside from it being a work phone which contains a lot of my job-related stuff. I think I will keep it until it dies on me.

  • Gustavo

3yrs and counting with vivo 5s! No issue and still great!

  • Lexeme

Louise, 03 Oct 2020had this phone for 3 years and still works! has fallen dow... moreSame here. I have been using V5s for 3 years. No issue at all. Though I am not a gamer, I do not encounter any problem when playing simple games. For me this smartphone caters all my need so far.

  • Louise

had this phone for 3 years and still works!
has fallen down a lot of times (maybe even everyday because i'm so clumsy) and submerged in water twice then put in rice to dry... it's still alive and works okay! awesome experience. thanks for the 3 uears vivo!

  • Aj

velentine, 13 Jan 2019one of the best phone i have ever used. im really happy wit... moreJust keep it away from water splashes or sanitizer also (for nowadays), it is ok for daily use. Use disinfectant sprays which are so lite spraying, so that it isnt get wet.

  • Anonymous

Amaresh , 02 Apr 2020I have got single SIM slot. It's not dual slot SIM? There are two sim slots one micro and one nano which also functions as a memory card slot.

  • Anonymous

Unlock screen

  • Shiv

Its just a hd display nothing more and dont think about to play pubg free fire anyway

  • Amaresh

I have got single SIM slot. It's not dual slot SIM?

  • Anonymous

Waste of money....Cant play pubg due to that bad processor